Great low calorie chicken casseroles

Here are some great low calorie chicken casseroles all under 350 calories… and delicious.

Visit the link below to get this one and many more. You should also go get “MyFitnessPal” right now. It is a free app that you can get on your smart phone, and or get it on your iPad, tablets, or computer. Go to and also go to your apps in your phone and download it for free. Do it now and you will be able to receive all of the hottest recipes, workouts, etc from MyFitnessPal. This is all great stuff that works!

You like awesome meals that don’t pile on the calories? I am sure you answered yes…right? Well I do, and these are awesome!





Glutathione Saved My Knees and Got Me Walking Again – Glutathione Is The Master Antioxidant…

Glutathione is the master antioxidant and very few people ever take it. Unfortunately for me, I was one of those people and had to pay the price for it. The video will explain, but in short, I lost the use of my knees for several days due to the lack of glutathione in my body. I was one of those that was taking good vitamins, and I was running, as well as working out a great deal, and I was in very good shape. However, it still happened to me. Yes, I lost the use of my knees which kept me from walking. This was a very big scare for me, especially after seeing my Dr, and she tells me that she has no clue as to what caused it, nor dies she know what to do about it.

After a friend recommended this product to me, I tried it out of desperation. To good news is simple: This GBG MA+IGP product literally changed my life, and I continue taking it today after several years from this knee problem that I experienced. Glutathione saved my knees and I am very grateful for it. These GBG/Novus Era Products are amazing, and I will never be without them again.

So many people that I run into aren’t taking any vitamins and supplements, and you can see it in their skin color, their facial features, and especially in their lack of energy and physical shape and condition.

Take a good look at these gbg products << and hear what the Doctors are saying about them.

Most problems and diseases occur in the human body due to a lack of something. Yes, your body lacks something, and it gets attacked by sickness and diseases. Why not take the extra steps and give your body what it needs…what it lacks? Why not feed your body something that will also give you that extra edge, that extra energy? Why not feed your body something that will help you lose weight and build muscle?

Vitamins and Supplements that taste good and deliver results – Live healthy and fit…!/httpImage/img.png_gen/derivatives/landscape_490/img.png

There is no doubt hundreds and hundreds of vitamins and supplements on the market today. Some taste good, and the majority of them taste and smell awful. Sadly enough, most people go by smell and taste before they even think about what results these vitamins and supplements might deliver. Smell and taste is very important when it comes to things eat and digest.

I am guilty of being one of those that always smell something before I eat it, and then comes the taste test…lol. I have used so many different vitamins and supplements. Many have given me results, and some tremendous results. Most of those smelled and tasted just like the typical vitamin. I have also found a chewable vitamin and a supplement that not only smell and taste good, but also deliver amazing results. This multi vitamin has everything that your body needs all wrapped up in one bottle. You literally get 10 different formulas all inside of this one bottle. All other vitamins that I have ever used was short so many things that my body needed, which forced me to go out and purchase other supplements to go along with my vitamins. This forced me to take multiple capsules on a daily basis, and I still never received the results that I needed to really perform at a super high level.

Taking just 2 chewable vitamins per day I get more than I ever got before with all of the others that I have taken, and I perform at a very high level just as I love to. The best part of these 10 formula in one bottle is a low price point that anyone can afford, unlike you might think they would be with such a high end product. As for the supplement that I have found to go along with this powerful multi vitamin is called MA+IGP which is in a powder form and can be mixed with water or your favorite juice or milk and then drink it for super fast absorption. You know as well as I do that capsules do not absorb fast at all, and the majority of them pass through your bowls before your body ever absorbs them leaving you with less than average results.

The Novus Era has GBG 10 in One multi vitamins and GBG MA+IGP that can literally change the way you feel and perform. The MA+IGP has been featured as one of the top, leading supplements in fighting off cancers and other diseases. There is no guarantees that any of these vitamins or supplements will cure anything, but  unbelievable amount of success story’s that prove these vitamins and supplements to be the real deal, and at a price point that anyone can afford.

Below you will see the exact products that literally changed my life. The #1 health secret that got me back on my feet and walking again. I had been running and working out with no problems at all prior to taking the MA+IGP product and out of no where on one of my 5k runs I was close to going to the ground with pain in my knees, and almost wasn’t even able to walk back home. With multiple levels and stairs in our home I was literally confined to 1 floor of our home. After many days of not being able to walk due to the excruciating pain in my knees I finally went to my Doctor. She said that she has no idea what it was, or even what to do.

Our of desperation and no other options I started taking the GBG MA+IGP product. In just a few days I was back to walking, and in less that 1 week after I started this MA+IGP product I was back to running again. This product along with the GBG 10 in One vitamins I never leave home without taking these. As a matter of fact, it is the first thing that I do when I wake up each morning after brushing my teeth. I going downstairs to the kitchen and take my GBG vitamins and supplements. After that unexplained scare that I had with my knees, I will never be without these GBG/Novus products ever again. Even when traveling, these products go with us. My wife has also noticed a huge improvement in her alertness, her energy, and more. :-)

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If you plan to live a healthy and disease free life, it all starts with you and making a decision to put the best vitamins and supplements in your body. Next comes a better/healthier way of eating, along some weekly exercise. Check out the older post on this website/blog and see some ideas, and workout tips, tricks, and even self help videos for fast and effective workouts that can be done with no equipment, from home, your office, hotel room, or anywhere that you wish to do them.

Have you ever imagined be able to carry your gym equipment with you while traveling? I have, and now I do… :-)

I take my resistance bands everywhere I go when I travel. I literally workout less than 30 minutes per workout, and do this only 3 times per week and am getting myself in the best shape of my life. There is more information about these resistance bands as well as other home workouts you can do in literally under 15 minutes and get better results than you have ever though possible.




Health and Fitness should be a way of life for you – Resistance bands… (vitamins and supplements)

Post Image

So many people in the world we live in today are extremely obese and out of shape. Fast food, pop, and all of the other junk that is right in front of you when you go into the gas station to pay for your gas can be sometimes hard to say no to. The drive thru at McDonald’s, Hardees, and where ever else you might go is just another way to keep packing on the pounds, until one day you look in the mirror and see a much larger you, that can no longer fit into any of your clothes that you was wearing just 6 months ago, or especially 1 year ago.

So why do people continue to get larger and larger and more out of shape?

The ones that have this problem will give you their first and main excuse…”I am to busy to workout”. Then comes the next excuse, It cost to much to go to the gym and eat all that healthy food. Remember, these are nothing more than EXCUSES! Everyone has them, and another way to look at excuses is; they are like rear-ends, everyone has one…lol. As long as we continue to make excuses, nothing will ever change.

If you don’t like what you see when you look into the mirror, then stop making excuses and do something about it. Sometimes we just have to be accountable and honest and tell ourselves, enough is enough! No more junk food, no more pop, no more eating like a pig, no more of not being able to fit into my clothes and having to always buy new clothes in larger sizes. Tell yourself; I hate being fat and out of shape and I WILL NOT continue to look and feel like I do. Tell yourself while standing in front of the mirror with your clothes off that from this day forward “I WILL LOSE WEIGHT, and I WILL GET IN SHAPE”, and I WILL NOT put it off any longer. I starts with that decision that has to come from you being honest to yourself in the mirror, and then sticking with it.

Here is a few ideas that have worked great for me. I love mountain dew and it has made me gain weight along with the morning donuts. So, I made the decision to stop eating the donuts and drinking the pop everyday. And, if I stay off of them for a whole week at a time, then I will reward myself to just one a week if I stay true to working out and seeing gains in my dieting and exercise program. I choose to drink lots of water which is extremely good for you and also is proven to help you lose weight. If you are one of those that don’t like drinking water, then add something to it, like lemon, or water enhancers. Remember, as long as you keep making excuses, nothing will ever change.

Another idea that I came up with was fitting exercise into my busy schedule. When you are working 8 to 15 hours per day it is hard to find time and energy to workout. However, by taking a good multi vitamin and changing my daily intakes I found that my energy level went through the roof and I then just made the time to workout. It use to take me at least 1 hour in the gym to get everything done that I choose to do, and to see the gains that I wanted to see in my body. Now I have found that all of that was wasted time and effort, not to mention wasted money for that gym membership. Here is what I mean…

I have found that working out at home has saved me a great deal of money, but also a great deal of time not having to travel back and forth to the gym. I also found that trimming that once long workout down to 30 minutes and less has also helped me get in even better shape than the long 1 hour plus workouts. Of course, many people will disagree with this, but it is what works for me. I also changed my eating habits and stopped going back for seconds which helped a great deal as far as feeling bloated and especially when it comes to seeing that hated scale readout. I also have found that by keeping my Protein level higher than my carbohydrates and my fat levels that I don’t have trouble losing weight (fat).

Our body’s don’t make enough protein on their own and this allows us to be out of balance and the carbs and fats naturally take over. So by taking extra protein to make sure we keep our protein higher than carbs and fats, it makes it so much easier to maintain, and lose weight. I use a fitness app called “MyFitnessPal”, and I am totally honest by entering everything into it on a daily basis. This means all food, snacks, pop, water, exercise, and even extracurricular activity’s…if you know what I mean. :-) . Being honest with yourself will have a huge payoff in the end results, so enter everything! If I come to the end of the day and I see that I am in the red as far as to much food and not enough exercise, then I get off my butt and do something about it, like workout for 10 to 15 minutes or whatever is needed, or even go walking, or a short jog. Remember; Nothing changes unless something (or you) change.

We all have habits, and some are bad habits. We have to change those habits in order to get the results that we are after. When it comes to working out, I have found that 15 to 30 minutes gets me incredible results. However, I refuse to take any rest during that time. I keep going which also helps my cardio. You can work up to this of course, but keep your rest very minimal and you will see the best results. The good news is that I am creating videos of my workouts to place here on this blog, in hopes that it can help someone else reach their goals, lose some weight, and or gain muscle. For myself I chose to gain a bunch of muscle which is a fat burner. Healthy and Fit people have habits the same as we all have habits.

After the age of 30 and then especially the age of 40, we start losing muscle automatically. For every 1 pound of muscle that we have, it burns 100 carbs. So by working out to gain and maintain our muscle, this in turn helps burn those unwanted carbs that our body’s take on. Make sense? There are many different workouts on this blog, so go searching for exercises to help you get started. I love my  bowflex, and it gets me results. I also love iron weights, however, some of my joints don’t like the iron weights anymore as I get older, so I have found a solution that gets killer results, and it is one that all of the top fitness experts and body builders are using too. This is called “resistance bands”. These are easy to use, cheap to purchase, easy to carry around with you for traveling, or even taking with you to work to use on your lunch break instead of going out to the burger barn and pigging out on something that cost money and puts more fat on your body.

  • You can see the resistance bands that my wife and I use on this blog by going back though older post, along with workouts, videos, etc.

I workout 3 times per week, and as mentioned earlier, I workout 15 to 30 minutes each workout. Seriously, who can’t make time for 15 minutes 3 times per week. That is 45 minutes per week. I am sure that some of the junk that you are watching on TV is way more than 45 minutes…right? Yes, I chose to cut out the junk on TV and really the only thing I am watching now, after working out is; HGTV. This is actually something that I can learn from and use the ideas for my own house and projects. Oh, and I also sometimes will watch NFL football…lol. That’s it! We can all workout at home with no equipment. No excuses…remember? No equipment needed workouts.


Below is the vitamins and supplements that my wife and I use on a daily basis:

  1. GBG 10 in One Multi Vitamins (Chewables taken once per day)
  2. Jay Robb Whey Protein Powder from The Vitamin Shoppe (mixed with low-fat milk or water. I use Almond Milk which is 60 calories). There are yummy fat burning and energy recipes on the back of this package)
  3. GBG MA+IGP Powder (mixed with my protein shake everyday)
  4. Metamucil (from Walmart…mixed with water, or orange juice) Yummy. Or Sunsweet Supra Fiber (at Walgreens, or online at The Vitamin Shoppe)
  5. Snacks are: Fiber one bars, and or protein bars. These can be purchased at Walmart, Sams, or anywhere for that matter.
  6. Drink at least 10 glasses of water daily!

Here is some band ideas and workouts in this video below. Use the ideas and get started exercising and eating better right now. No more procrastinating and putting things off. No more making excuses for yourself, or for why you can’t eat better and workout. Excuses will only make you fatter and poorer!

The video below is showing how to do many different workouts at home with no equipment at all. No equipment needed workouts. :-)



We all need cheerleaders to urge us on…

We need people in our lives to encourage us, and we need to encourage the people in our lives and help them reach their potential. It is extremely hard to do things on our own, without those around us giving us praise and cheering us along.

Imagine a ball team that would play the game without anyone in the stands, or without their cheerleaders. Probably would be a very boring and difficult game. We all need cheerleaders, and people to urge us forward in everything that we do.

The word “encourage” means to “urge forward.” Many times, you can see things in other people that they don’t see themselves. You can see their strengths and talents. Don’t assume that people see what you see in them.

Take a moment and encourage them either with a kind word or a simple note. When you take the time to lift others up, it also lifts you up at the same time whether you see it or not. The same goes for the words we choose to use on a daily basis. The power of the tongue is something is so overlooked just the same as not encouraging others. These two are very similar in ways. Be careful with the words you choose to use, and be very careful with the people that you choose to hang out with. You can never go wrong by surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself.

So many people in this world we live in are more worried about murmuring, gossiping, and trying their best to hurt others with their words. Instead, be the person opposite of those types of negative people and raise people up, hear them on in whatever it is that they are doing. Be their cheerleader!

There might be a special gift you can give that will remind them of their goal or dream. In whatever way you can, urge the people in your life to keep moving forward. If you’ll be a people builder and help others fulfill their dreams, God will help you fulfill your dreams also, and you’ll live in blessing all the days of your life.