Put action behind your faith

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We all have dreams that we’re hoping will come to pass and promises that we’re believing for. We should always be praying, believing and hoping — that’s all part of faith. But there’s another part of faith that, oftentimes, people leave out, and that is putting action behind your faith.

Scripture tells us that our works or actions prove our faith. In other words, when we really believe God, we obey Him. We can pray all day long, “God, get me out of this problem.” Or, “God, give me that promotion.” But if you really want to get God’s attention and see Him move in amazing ways, take it one step further and do something to demonstrate your faith. Let your actions prove your faith in Him. For example, maybe you need a turnaround in a relationship. Are you being the one to show love, honor and forgiveness? Maybe you need a financial breakthrough. Are you obeying Him and being faithful in your finances? Maybe you lost your job. Are you putting your resume out and knocking on new doors? That’s one way to take a step of faith.

Today, make sure you put action behind your faith. Make it visible in the eyes of God and man and watch Him come through on your behalf!