Decide today to put your faith into action and give Praise…

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Praise is powerful! Praise is putting your faith in action. And just as putting your physical body into action to make it grow strong, putting your faith in action through prayer and thanksgiving will cause it to grow strong, too!

I love what this verse says about Abraham: No unbelief made him waver regarding the promise of God. What does it mean to waver? It actually means to go back and forth. It’s a very unsteady posture. Spiritual wavering is when we go back and forth in believing the promises of God. Wavering shows up in our words and actions. When you speak contrary to God’s promises, you are wavering and unsteady.

Notice this verse didn’t say that Abraham never had unbelief or doubting thoughts. It basically says that he didn’t let it control him or cause him to waver in his words, actions and thinking. He took captive every thought and stood strong through His praise and worship!

Praise makes you stable. It makes you strong. Decide today to put your faith into action by thanking and praising Him all throughout the day! 

As you do, you’ll grow strong and live the life of victory God has in store for you!

We all put our faith into something whether it be God, or something else. Today try putting your faith in God and ask Him for those things you desire. Ask him for strength, healing, or even help in your finances. Don’t get bitter if you don’t get immediate response. Sometimes God will test us to see if we are just asking Him for help when we need something, or if we are going to give Him praise and all the glory 24/7, whether we are needing something or not.

God already knows your dreams and goals. After all, He is the one that gave us those dreams and desires. Give all the praise to God in everything you do each and every day, and watch what happens. Praise is what keeps the door of abundance standing wide open.