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Knee pain is commonplace with just about everyone: athletes, weekend warriors and regular Joes. Why? Reasons abound: wearing high heels or unsupportive shoes, not being able to maintain a healthy weight, a high volume of any exercise, and—most important—many people are just weak. The shoes that I have found to be the best for me are Saucony. These can be found on,, for a much cheaper price than in the stores. I first went to Dicks sporting goods store and tried them on to see how they fit me and how they felt, and what size I needed. Then I went online and purchased them and saved close to 50% off of the store price. Good supportive shoes is a huge part of keeping your legs and knees healthy.

Are you ready for a stronger knees challenge?

As we age, our bones become brittle, ligaments and tendons get weak, and we start to lose muscle mass. Strength training slows this whole process down. Muscles are the engines that move our bodies; if you are unable to move, life gets pretty darn grim. You need to bank muscle for 15-30 years down the road so you can live a healthy and functional life.

This challenge will help you build the knee (and leg) strength you need to lessen knee pain. The moves will blast your lower body with squats, dead-lifts and lunges, oh my! Did you know that strengthening your booty can improve the health of your knees, and reduce knee pain? Yes, your booty. Many people neglect doing any kind of workouts with their legs or knees, and especially their booty. This is a huge part of your lower body, so start building it up as well.

Before you start each strength/workout session, complete a quick five-minute to a 7 minute warm-up. There are many different ways to warm up exercises, but I like the 7 min workout app that I got for free from the apps store on my phone. This app is awesome and talks you through each different workout, as well as shows you pictures of each different exercise.

I also downloaded the “MyFitnessPal” free app to my phone so that I can keep track of all my workouts and also the things I eat for each and every meal. This will allow you to stay within your daily goal of calories and help you to lose weight, gain muscle, or whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish.

You can click the picture below to blow it up larger for better viewing…

Click here to get MyFitnessPal for free.

Do you have bad knees? Do your knees bother you often? Start using these workouts and reduce the tired, achy knees, and reduce your chances of having bad knees later on down the road. Your knees carry all of your weight and are getting all of the load all of the time. Reduce your body weight and workout your knees and live a much more comfortable life.

Make the decision to try and workout, get healthy and fit.