You have FULL ACCESS to the whole kingdom…

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Many don’t realize that they have full access to the whole kingdom of God. Everything God has is yours once you turn your life over to Him. Just imagine having more blessings than you can possibly contain running in to your life like a river.

Sound fake or phony?

Think what you want, but everything God has is yours simply by turning your life over to Him. That’s right, stop trying to do everything on your own and allow God to do His part and all you have to do is your part.

Maybe you are wanting more money, more time, a better body, or maybe just peace in your life? Let’s say you are wanting to get in better shape, lose some weight, or maybe pack on some muscle? Well, start by praying and ask God to come into your life. Ask Him for help! Maybe you have tried to lose weight, or do something on your own and it just hasn’t worked out yet. Well, get God involved and you do your part and watch Him do His part. He will make things so much easier than you ever thought possible. Just watch and see for yourself!

Life becomes so much easier when we stop trying to do everything on our own. Just one breath of His favor can move mountains for you.

Just remember, there is a way out even when you don’t see it. Miracles can happen for you too, but you have to ask for help, you have to believe.

Do your part right now by accepting God into your life and watch Him do His part and Move those mountains of struggle for you. 🙂