Weight Loss and Fitness – 3 Week Diet…

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Weight Loss and Fitness are some huge topics nowadays. So many people are overweight, and many are very obese. What is your height, your age, male or female, and then find out what you are suppose to be as far as weight, and then let’s do something about it. Tomorrow will never do! It must start with today! It also must start with a decision that only you can make.

Weight loss and fitness is something that my wife and I have really made one of our primary focuses. Why, you ask? It is because we look around at the world of overweight people, we look at some of our family’s, we look at some of our friends, and then we realize, someone has to set a better example to those they care about. We decided to make those people be us. We also decided that we can live a much better, healthier life if we are in shape and at our goal weight. That is the weight that we should be at for our height, age, and genders.

When we look at it in the larger picture, there is really no excuse for us to be in bad shape, or to be overweight. The reasons for being so, could be, laziness, or thinking that we are to busy, or the plain and simple fact that we make to many excuses for eating to much, not working out, and this leads to gaining more and more weight as time goes on. Eventually it gets out of hand and then becomes very hard to do anything about. We allow ourselves to get to that point, and then always say; I will start dieting tomorrow, or I will start cutting back next week because I am to busy this week, or another common excuse would be; I just don’t have the time right now.

Sound familiar?

I will “try” this new diet and see how it works. Have you ever heard someone say something like this? The problem is, it says “try”. How many people that use that word “try”, ever succeed at anything? Very few…if any! It has to be; “I will“, instead of try, or nothing will stop me from reaching my weight loss and fitness goals!


Below I am laying out some ideas that we are using to see incredible weight loss gains. Our weight loss and fitness goals may be different that yours, but in the end it is all about writing down your goals and then doing something about it. The decision we made started with us, just the same as the weight loss and fitness goals you set starts with you.

Stay away from pop, sodas (unless zero calories), fruit juices and alcohol. These are filled with high calories and little-to-no nutritional benefits. Nine out of ten times, these are the prime culprits in your weight gain.

Don’t look at dieting as a chore, instead, make it fun!. On this diet, you will find yourself eating less and, in turn, you’ll have more time to do other things that you enjoy doing. Use that time wisely. Make the diet fun by changing up recipes. Don’t look at it negatively or it will always be on your mind and could result in failure. Most people that diet always enter into the diet with a negative mindset and that almost always leads to their failure.

For every gram of carbohydrates you consume, you stop 1-2 grams of fat from being burned from your body’s fat stores. Restricting carbohydrates forces your body to burn its fat for its daily energy needs. Keep this in mind when considering a carbohydrate-laden snack or meal. Remember, it is the carbohydrates in foods and drinks that hurts you, not the fat.

When drinking water, try to get it as cold as possible by adding ice to it, or leaving in the fridge before drinking. Doing so has an added effect of burning more calories as your body needs to expend more energy (work harder) to bring it up to body temperature. Remember, drinking lots of water not only helps so many parts of the body function properly, but it also helps keep the hunger pains away. Drink Lots Of Water DAILY!


It is alright to add salts and seasonings to your foods to make it more interesting when dieting. Spice it up as they say. 🙂

Think about going public when you start a diet. Make a post on social media, tell your friends and family that you are going on a diet, and this will help keep you accountable to your diet. No one likes being embarrassed, or being made to look like a fool in front of others, and this is why you should tell others that you are starting a diet. Find a diet partner, and this will also help keep you accountable to your diet goals.

Put smaller portions on the plate instead of what fills the plate, and eat only until your hunger is satisfied. Using a smaller plate will also help keep you from piling to much on your plate. Don’t get into the trap of filling up a large plate with food and forcing yourself to eat it all. And ALWAYS skip the seconds!

Eat slower and chew your food better. Research has shown us that by eating much slower will actually stop insulin spikes, which is the cause of all our weight problems in the first place. We live in a fast paced world/society, and we are always in a hurry, even when eating, and this is the reason that many and most people are gaining weight. Not just eating to much, and eating the wrong foods, but also by eating way to fast. Often times when we eat fast, we at way to much and then realize that we are miserable and bloated feeling. This is because we ate to fast and the food didn’t have time to digest properly.

Exercising is very beneficial to your body, so do more of it. When you’re awake and active, your body burns up to 3 times as many calories as it does when you are asleep. I didn’t say when your awake, I said when you are awake and active. Be active and you will burn way more calories that if not active, or just sitting around doing nothing. I recommend getting some fitness bands (resistance bands) and then set aside 10-15 minutes, 3 times per week to exercise with these bands. You will notice a huge difference in the way you feel, and the way you look in a very short time period if you stick with it.



There are plenty of resistance band workouts on this blog, so just go back through the older post until you find the ones right for you. If you are on a low budget and cannot afford the resistance bands, then you can also find step by step workouts and videos of home workouts without any equipment. Click here for resistance band exercises and how to charts.

I also have found a few “free” apps that you can download on your smart phone, your tablet, or computer that have step by step workouts and exercises that anyone can follow and get results with. One of these free apps is: Fit Star. This free “Fit Star” app can be downloaded by going to your app store inside of your mobile devise or tablet and searching “Fit Star“, then hit download. This app is incredible! And, as mentioned, it is free!


As I have mentioned in previous post, building muscle is key to your health, and it is also key to maintaining your weight for life. As we reach 30 years old we start to lose muscle, and that is the reason that most people start to gain weight after 30, and for most men it is sometimes closer to 40. Muscle Burns Fat! For every 1 pound of muscle you have, it will burn 100 calories. Muscle is important for men as well as women. Now, here me out; many women have the idea in their minds that building muscle means they are going to look like some big body builder woman, and then they never do it because they thing they will look the same if they workout, or lift weights. WRONG! This is a silly idea that is not true. In order for a woman to gain huge big bulking muscles, she would have to take steroids. So just doing some regular exercising, and using resistance bands, dumbbell exercises, bowflex, or similar machines, will NEVER allow a woman to get huge and “bulky muscles”.

What are your weight loss and fitness goals? This is something that you must write down on paper, and then make the time to do something to reach those goals.

If you are at a place in your life where you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, then click here now to get the best weight loss and fitness results of your life. Maybe you are wanting to lose weight and keep it off, but don’t want to do something that is going to take forever, then this is definitely for you. One more very important thing to having life long health is; vitamins and supplements. This is something that is so overlooked, and often times it is because people say they can’t afford to take vitamins and supplements. That is a big cop out if I have ever heard one. Usually the ones that say those types of things are the ones that have a serious smoking habit and won’t give up a pack of cigarettes for vitamins and supplements, or they would rather buy a 12 pack of beer every night instead of something that would make them healthier, or they are hanging out in the bars every night, or probably the most common is; they would rather have the biggest, baddest TV package instead of taking vitamins and supplements to improve their health and performance. Listen, I am not knocking anyone for their decisions or their habits, but vitamins and supplements play a huge part in our weight loss, our health, our performance, and they increase our life span by a lot. Vitamins and Supplements also help prevent cancers and other diseases that attack our body’s.


Are you one that is really wanting to lose some weight, or maybe get yourself in the best shape of your life? Are you fighting with a weight problem that has been haunting you for years and years? If so, then I have the solution for you.

Have you heard of the 3 week diet? If not, then click here for a video and testimonials. The 3 week diet is something that my wife and I are currently using and we are seeing tremendous results. We are each losing at least 1.5# PER DAY, and doing it the healthy way…the right way. The 3 week diet has everything you need from meals, step by step instructions, and even exercise plans that will help you reach your goals faster than anything you have ever done, or heard about. I will post before and after pictures once we have completed the 3 week diet course for you to see the results for yourself. We made the decision to do it, not to “try” it. We made the decision that it was the one for us, and then we jumped in with both feet and are doing it as laid out for us.



Hopefully some of the ideas I have shared about will help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals this year, and for years to come. I wish you all the best in everything that you make the decision to do. Remember: Don’t say I will try to do something, but instead, say I WILL!