These workouts ROCK and helps build muscle while burning fat – (Fit Star)…

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I wanted to share this workout with you again that my wife and I just finished. I have mentioned it in previous post, bit never really dove into it very much. However, since then, we have started using it way more. The results; it ROCKS!

So Why Should You Use Fit Star?

The name of this (free) workout is “Fit Star“. Tony Gonzalez formerly of the Kansas City Chiefs, now he is with the Atlanta Falcons NFL team, and has designed this free Fit Star app that you can download right now by clicking here. This app I am using right off of my iPhone 6plus and I love it. You have Tony LIVE with you showing you how to do each exercise and go through it with you in detail.

There is also many different versions of the workouts, like beginners, intermediate, and advanced. You pick what you want and then simply follow your guide.

Fit Star is a huge winner with my wife, and with me. Face it, there are tons of workout apps on the market, and thousands upon thousands of videos on that will also show you how to do their workouts, etc, but the most of them are to far advanced for the average person who probably hasn’t workout one day in their life, or at least not for the last many years. This is where Fit Star comes in strong and much more favorable for the majority of folks wanting to get started lightly and not be sore for 3 or 4 days after doing a workout.

Go to your apps store in your smartphone and search “Fit Star“, then download it for free. Get inside and start getting familiar with it and then use it! Don’t allow yourself to let it just sit there and never use it like you might be doing with the majority of the apps you download. You have good intentions, but stuff always gets in the way of your workouts. You might even be putting off your weight loss goals as well? This free fit star app will help you get fit, lose weight, and get in the best shape of your life.

I am really accelerating my workouts to reach my goals much quicker, so not only am I using the fit star app 3 times weekly, I am also using my bowflex and my resistance bands along with dumbbells 3 times weekly. As you have heard me say in previous post, I ONLY workout 15 to 30 minutes 3 times weekly. Those that are working out for hours upon hours daily are hurting their body’s and it is not doing anything good for them. Yes, they probably are losing some weight, but they are hurting their body’s. The body/muscles need rest just like we need to sleep each night.

How Can Vitamins and Supplements Help you?

I am also a huge advocate of Vitamins and Supplements. As we workout/exercise more especially, we need to be taking protein and everyone should be taking a good quality vitamin daily. You can click here << and see the exact vitamins and supplements that I am using. You can see the all in one multi vitamin, the whey protein powder, the fiber powder, and the low carb, low calorie almond milk I use daily.

Vitamins and Supplements can really help you get through your days with ease, and especially when you are working out. Our body’s need more than what food and water give them, so using the proper vitamins and supplements will give your body what it is lacking. Of course, it also helps fight off disease, cancers, and other things that our body could take on without the much needed vitamin and supplement boost.

Go ahead and click here now << to get your free fit star right to your computer, your smart phone, or tablet. Start using it right away and then leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of it.


-Mike and Rhonda