Daily Eating Habits For Accelerated Fat Loss

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If you are not losing fat at the accelerated rate you want to lose it, then try adding some of the tips below to your “daily eating habits”. These will help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

1. Eat 4- 6 meals per day or every 2 to 3 hours

The goal is to keep the body burning fat and your metabolism high. By eating throughout the day, your body has the fuel it needs to metabolize effectively and you have the extra energy that you need to function at a high level.

There are going to be times when scheduled meals will not fit into your busy schedule, however, if you will always think of eating healthy every 3 hours, you will never have to worry if you have fed your body enough that day. Think in terms of your important “daily eating habits“. You are wanting fat burning foods!

2. Eat a good protein source with each meal

This is non-negotiable!  Each and every meal must contain some source of protein. Every time you sit down to eat, ask yourself “Where is my protein?”  If you can‘t answer it, then get a source of protein in front of you. Check on list of foods that have protein, like meats, fish, etc. A minimum of 15g is required per meal.  Protein is also an absolute must-have if you’re aiming for maximum fat loss. Protein causes the body to expend a high amount of calories simply breaking it down. Bodies need protein to survive. I also like adding whey protein to my daily meals. I use Jay Robb Whey Protein in the Chocolate flavor.

3. Post Workout Nutrition – MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY

I will keep this short and to the point. Immediately after your workout, in order to keep the metabolism going and ensuring your body burns fat and not the muscle you just built, then you need to consume a drink with at least 2-1 Carbs to protein (NOT JUST A PROTEIN SHAKE, that will not cut it). A drink with high carbs to protein, then it will give you enough time to recovery and prepare a real meal with whole foods containing Carbs, protein and fat.  This is the most important meal of your workout day for extreme fat loss.

4. Pick 3 Meals you will always eat

We want to make eating healthy simple so if you do not mind eating the same thing over and over for a while, then it makes things simple. I have the same afternoon snack everyday and I have nighttime snack, pretty much every day NOW you have 3 out of the 6 meals solved and only have to think of three (or two if you follow the below tip) – THAT’S AMAZING!!  Eat a few meals that are the same every day and it will help you to stay on track and NOT get caught unprepared.

5. Cook in bulk or cook for the entire week

Creating a ritual of cooking up a batch of food on one day during the week (preferably a day off like Sunday) is going to dramatically increase the chances that you stick with your diet.  Take an hour to making a big batch of chicken breasts or whatever recipes you want to prepare for the coming week,  package them in individual Tupperware containers in the fridge/freezer and use eat them up when you are ready. There is nothing like being prepared especially when trying to follow new nutritional plans and guidelines

6. Always Plan and Prepare

“Failing to plan is planning to fail!”. It’s that simple. One of the most common reasons why people fall off their healthy eating plan is simply because they don’t have the time, or they don’t take the the time to do their food preparation. By getting yourself into a good cooking ritual though, this will never be an issue.  Plan for the week, take note of special events or circumstances that may change your regular eating schedule and make a plan of attack!

7. Clean out your cupboards

Make sure you clean out your cupboards. Get rid them and overstock of unhealthy foods with healthy choices. If it’s not in the house, you won’t eat it.

8. Have 2 to 3 Cheat Meals per Month but do not make it a specific day

Plan 2 to 3 Cheat Meals per month. Think of planned cheat meals as being important for sanity. If you don’t do things like this, then you will give up on healthy eating before you are seeing the results you desire, and you will give up and quit. Cheat meals (a few) will help you stay on course with your healthy eating and get that much needed (cheat) once in a while that you look forward to and love.

Below are 3 suggested cheat meals per month if you want to be lean and ripped.

  • Planned Night or Day with Wife, Husband, Family, or Friends. I like taking my wife to our favorite Mexican restaurant once a month.
  • Unplanned Circumstance – I also keep a cheat meal open for if we go out to a family function, birthday party, or something like this.
  • Healthy Cheat Meal to curve any craving I may have – For that it is usually a Chicken Lasagna (big portion) once per month usually on a Sunday after a really clean week, to help re-boost the metabolism. However, it’s not really cheating because it’s chicken lasagna. It’s just really high in starchy carbs on a non workout day! – You can call it…METABOLIC STIMULATION.

This will lessen the chances of a (feeling guilty by cheating twice) forcing yourself to eat crappy when you don’t want to. It is important to have a free day once in a while. I do not recommend alcohol though!

9. Drink 1 gallon of filtered water per day

I ask this question to everybody, “Do you drink a lot of water?” Everyone says the same thing “I drink tons of water, that’s all I drink” then when I tell them that they should be drinking at least 1 gallon per day, they step back and say, “That Much Water?”  And the answer is “Yes that is called a lot of water.” If you are not drinking at least 1 gallon of water per day then you are not getting enough water, especially if you are doing any kinds of serious workouts, and especially high intensity workouts.

10. Eat Tons of Veggies

Raw and Steamed vegetables are amazing for fat loss. Most veggies are extremely low in calories (sometimes close to 0) and expend calories for the body to break down. These vegetables either contain so few calories in them that the body expends more calories just to break them down as it digests the food, or the vegetables have certain properties about them that will stimulate your metabolism so that you burn more calories at rest as your body burns off more heat after eating them.


If you aren’t getting at least 2-6 cups of veggies a day and you aren’t losing weight or looking in better shape, this may be your problem. That’s why, eating vegetables with most meals is extremely important. It’s also a good idea to supplement your diet with a good multivitamin and greens drinks too. Vitamins and Supplements are very important to your daily intake. Your body needs additional vitamins and supplements to make up what it lacks. This will keep you healthier than the ones that don’t believe in, or take vitamins and supplements.

IF you follow the tips in this blog post, then you will have no problem with your nutrition. Don’t expect this to be done by tomorrow…lol. It takes time to reach your weight loss and fitness goals. However, if you use these ideas and eat smart, exercise at least 3 times per week for a minimum of 15 minutes each workout, then you will reach your weight loss and fitness goals much faster than the ones that don’t exercise.