Living the RV Lifestyle

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Living the RV Lifestyle is the most simple way of living possible. No traffic jams (as long as you get out away from the city life), no hassles as far as huge electric bills, or other bills that are associated to living in a regular style home that is.

Is Living the RV Lifestyle better than the traditional methods?

Living the RV Lifestyle allows you to downsize and live a much more simple life than living in a traditional style home. It also allows you to have much more peace and quiet depending on where you locate your RV.

So how will you create electricity and water?

  1. You can use a generator for all your electricity and power needs
  2. You can use solar power
  3. You can use a windmill type electricity generator

Living the RV Lifestyle will require you having some type of electricity for things like charging your cell phones, your laptop computer, your other devises and also running kitchen devises, such as; blenders, mixers, microwave, etc.

As you can see in the pictures below, we are very secluded and have a very private place to roam and do as we please. Is it unhandy not having water or electricity to this property? Yes it is, but by using the ideas and strategies I am sharing in this blog post, we are able to manage just fine. There are some people that could never make this work out for them, but there are also those folks that would invite this into their life if they had the chance…like us. 🙂

Living the RV Lifestyle
Generators will do the chores just fine if you do your research and find the right generator for producing enough power to run everything that you want to run, like your AC unit for extreme hot weather.

Solar power units are also a much more “off the grid” method that don’t require having gasoline jugs sitting around full all the time for generators. Solar power uses the energy from the sun and will allow you to be much more efficient and quiet. The initial cost of solar might be a bit high, but in the end it will give you more than any other method due to the fact you are using energy from the sun (even on cloudy days), rather than energy from a noisy generator that must have gasoline to run. Which means you have to run back and forth to the gas station constantly to fill up jugs.

Having a generator is vital, but only needed for emergency situations if you have a good solar energy system.

Notice in this picture below here that I have the generator placed below the rear haul rack so that I can keep a tarp over the generator to protect it from the sun, the rain, and other elements. I simply raise and lower the rack to service and gas up the generator, then lower it and place a tarp over the generator with boards and heavy rocks to hold the tarp in place. Once winter arrives and the snow starts to fall, then I will place this generator in a small shed located next to the fifth wheel to better protect it from the weather. For now, with it being in the upper 90’s, it needs the air movement around it to keep from overheating.

Living the RV Lifestyle
We are currently Living the RV Lifestyle using the same methods as mentioned above. However, we are currently running off of generators due to the fact we have just moved onto this property after selling our home and do not have our solar power system installed yet. So yes, at this time I am running back and forth to the gas station to fill gas jugs…lol.

Once we have our RV (fifth wheel) cooled down on the really hot days, with all of the sun shades pulled down to keep the sun out, we can shut off the generator and our fifth wheel will maintain that temperature for many hours. The same goes with the deep freeze located in the shop. We can shut off the generator and the deep freeze will be at 5* and not climb to over 20* for usually 5-6 hours, then we can start the generator and let it run for about 2 hours and repeat that same process for saving gasoline. In the RV, once the generator is shut off, we are running off of battery’s and propane for refrigerator, stove, showers, etc.

What About Water To Run My RV?

Our fifth wheel fresh water tank holds 40 gallons of water, which doesn’t last long if you plan to take showers very often. You must learn how to do things a little different that what you do in the traditional home. Like; leaving the water running while brushing your teeth, taking long showers, etc. Otherwise, you will run through 40 gallon of water with a day or two.

Living the RV Lifestyle
Having some type of “extra” water tank is a must. I purchased a 275 gallon water tank for water that I have on a small trailer. This water tank can be filled at water plants, or fire departments, and can be used to refill your RV every 2-5 days, depending on how much water you are using. By using a water hose, it will gravity feed right into your RV fresh water holding tank when needed. You can also purchase an inline water filter at your local Walmart to filter this water if desired.

Where Do You Store All Of Your Old Household Items?

As you can see in the pictures below, this land we have has a 40×60 shop on it which allows us to have a place to store all of our household items, as well as my shop equipment, tools, mowers, etc. One thing that we decided to do since it was going to take me awhile to build our new home, is to sell a great deal of the household items that we just didn’t have the room for, and or didn’t really use that much anyway. This also creates a great deal of extra cash that can be used for your land projects, etc.

Once I have the extra time to build shelving and a small room for a great deal of these items, then this shop space will become much more attractive and less cluttered. At the time of these pictures being taken, we was literally in the process of moving, so it is rather cluttered and “busy” in here. This is also where we have an additional refrigerator and our deep freeze that is being operated by a smaller generator.

Living the RV LifestyleLiving the RV LifestyleLiving the RV Lifestyle
Life is to short not to live your dream. Life is to short not to be able to do the things that you want to do. Anything is possible if you have the guts to just dream and then take action on those dreams. Your dream is necessary and your dream is possible. Would you like to be Living the RV Lifestyle? Do you realize how much money you can save doing this? No huge house payments, no big insurance cost from that home, no HOA fees, no city taxes, or no big electric bills from that huge house. No one telling you what you can or can’t do in the sub-divisions, or within city limits. Yes, you will have some expenses Living the RV Lifestyle, but nothing like living in a regular style home.

We have used our words to get this dream to come true for us and continue to use our words to make all of our dreams and goals come true. Use your faith to get the things you desire. Use your faith to make all your dreams and goals come true. It may not and probably won’t happen tomorrow for you, but by using your faith and your words to reach your dreams and goals, in time (the right time) it will happen. By using positive words and positive thoughts, you are attracting the good things in life to you, instead of the bad things. More importantly, you are activating the power of God into your life by using positive words and using your faith. Remember; Faith activates God!

Always do your best and go Live your dream,

-Mike Pilcher

Living the RV Lifestyle

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