5 Lessons From The Magic Of Thinking Big Book

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Think big! Sure, we’ve all heard that, but what does it mean? Author David J. Schwartz helps define that in his 1959 personal-development classic, The Magic of Thinking Big. Thinking “big” requires a change in mindset. They may be commonsense tactics, but serve as a great reminder in your everyday battle for success. Try these simple ideas to keep yourself motivated:

• Concentrate on the things you’re good at and don’t get bogged down. “You’re better than you think you are,” Schwartz writes.

• Use a “big thinker’s vocabulary.” Try to talk in words that speak hope and happiness.

• Look toward the future. Try to see things for their potential and not just what they are today.

• Believe that your job is an important one. “That next promotion depends mostly on how you think toward your present job,” Schwartz writes.

• Focus on big things, leaving triviality out of the picture. Ask yourself, “Is this really important?”

These principles are the very ones I use daily to make myself better, and as a result they continue online amoxil to make my entire life better. VISIT our “Books” page on this website for the Magic Of Thinking Big, for other top self help books, and our book of the month. Leaders are Readers! Continuing to work on ourselves is what will lead us right to the success we desire.