Program Your Mind For Victory – Joel Osteen – Our Words Creates Our Future

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Isn’t it amazing how the very words we speak is exactly how our lives unfold, and how we become?

You see I use to be one of the negative ones that didn’t believe in this way. I was one of the ones that put others down, found fault in others, said negative things about myself, and others all the time. As a result of this negative mindset, and these negative words I was always struggling to be anything more than broke all of the time, and really I was just becoming who I was hanging out with.

We become who we hang out with, and due to the negative people I was accustomed to hanging out with was exactly who I was hanging out with, and the way I was speaking. My negative words, and my negative association was the very reason for my failure, and my defeat.

Getting into agreement with God is really where it started for me. I starting speaking things like where I wanted to go, instead of where I had been. I started saying things like I was successful, and this was going to be the best year I have ever had. I started speaking I was going to start hanging out with people that had what I wanted, and I was going to follow God’s word.

God will take us places that we have never been if we can just let him into our hearts, and get the words of our mouths lined up with the word of God.

Be careful of the words you speak…guard your mouth, and I promise that things will start to change for you no matter where your life is. God has a plan for all of us, but if we aren’t careful with our words we can stop God’s best plan for us.

Our words creates our future.

Use these videos, and the words of Joel Osteen to help move you from the darkness into the lite. Reprogram your mind, your words, and your thoughts for real victory.