Joel Osteen – Your Words Will Bring You Victory, or Defeat

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It is so true isn’t it? Our words will either excel us, or it will stop us right in our tracks! Of course there are so many people that do not believe this which is fine, however they can change just as I did. Joel Osteen is one of the great Leaders that have changed my words, my thoughts, and my life. The truth of the matter is…that when I was down and out years ago Joel Osteen would come on the TV at 11pm every Sunday evening. This program saved me from all of the negative that was around me, it saved me from staying down due to the words I was speaking.

You see, the “Words” that I was speaking all because of the current negative that I had in my life was holding me back. Joel Osteen, and his Sunday night programs turned me around, and helped me to change my attitude, change my “Words” to Positive words, change my thoughts to Positive thoughts instead of the negative ones.

In our time of negative, struggles, sickness, or whatever it may be we must surround ourselves with Positive words, Positive people, and I promise that your situations will change. When you feel discouraged, have negative in your life, feel sick, or just down, then come to this site for Words of encouragement through these videos, our books, and our team.