A stronghold is built in our thinking

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In this Psalm, David was determined to honor the Lord with his mind. David knew that what he watched would affect his thinking. If he didn’t guard his mind by choosing carefully what he looked at, he would be drawn to do things that weren’t pleasing to the Lord.

The same is true for us today. If we are watching things on TV or reading things in books or magazines that aren’t pleasing to the Lord, we are opening a door to the enemy. When we look on things that aren’t pleasing to the Lord, a stronghold is built in our thinking. We become enslaved to those wrong thoughts. But, God has given us the power to break those strongholds through the blood of Jesus Christ!

If you are struggling with thoughts that you don’t want anymore, today, you can be free. First, receive His forgiveness and make the choice to change what you are looking at. Let the Lord wash you clean and strengthen you by His Spirit. Focus your thoughts on His Word and do not let any wicked thing before your eyes. As you determine to honor the Lord, He will empower you by His Spirit so you can live in freedom and victory all the days of your life!