Trust God to bring the right people

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Do you ever get around a certain person and feel an uneasiness or an unrest? Something inside says, “Stay away. That’s trouble.” Those are not just bad vibes. That’s the Holy Spirit warning you. It may be small, but it can keep you from a big heartache. You might say, “Well, Joel, if I don’t hang out with them, I may not have any friends.” No, God will give you new friends. He will give you better friends. The key is: if you don’t let go of the wrong people, the right people won’t show up. This is not talking about a relationship already committed in marriage, but relationships outside of marriage. God doesn’t force us to let go of wrong relationships. He has given us our own free will. But when God asks you to give something up, He is never trying to take something away. He is trying to get something better to you. As we obey Him, we grow and mature which opens the door for more of His blessings and favor.

Remember, bad company corrupts good character. Let go of friends or influences that you know are dragging you down. Trust God to bring the right people and connections across your path. Let go of wrong relationships and move forward in the blessing He has prepared for you!