God’s Goodness

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I’ve learned that the more you brag on God’s goodness, the more of God’s goodness you’re going to see. When you go around saying to people, “Let me tell you what God did for me”, you begin to see more of His goodness in your life. The Psalmist said, “I recall the many miracles God has done for me. I cannot stop thinking about them. They are constantly in my thoughts.”

Too many times, people today, instead of remembering their victories, they’re remembering their defeats, failures or disappointments. You’ve got to switch over and, like the Psalmist, start remembering the times God protected you; the times God showed you favor; the times God made a way when it looked like there was no way. That’s going to cause faith and expectancy to rise in your heart. You’ll have the confidence that if God did it for you back then, He can certainly do it for you right now.

I encourage you, remember your victories. Tell your children. Tell your neighbors. Tell your friends. Keep bragging on the goodness of God and move forward in the victory He has in store for you!