Unforgiveness – Search Your Heart and Mind

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Many times, people wonder why their prayers aren’t answered. They feel distant from God but can’t explain why. They love God and try to do all the right things, but deep inside they sense that something isn’t right.

Scripture tells us there are many things that can hinder our prayers. One of them is unforgiveness. God knows that holding unforgiveness is destructive because it puts up a wall between us and God. But when we choose to forgive, the wall comes down. Someone said it like this: “Forgiveness is setting the prisoner free and realizing the prisoner was you.”

When you go before God in prayer, ask Him to search your heart and mind. See if there is any unforgiveness that is blocking your prayers and affecting your relationship with Him. The other person may have been wrong, they may have hurt you deeply, but there is nothing on this earth that is worth losing your peace with Almighty God. Forgiveness doesn’t excuse the other person, it means you are trusting God with it all. Today, when you pray, choose forgiveness and don’t let anything stand in the way of the good things God has in store for your future!