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The moment God said you were blessed, you became blessed. Now, you may not pick up that blessing for a year, five years or a lifetime, but that does not change what God said. The blessing still belongs to you. You’ve got to rise up and say, “You know what? I’m going to go get it. I’m not going to live another day defeated. I know God has a crown of favor with my name on it, and I’m going to go pick it up today. I’m going to start acting like I’m blessed, like I’m redeemed, like I’m the head and not the tail, like I’m more than a conqueror.”

Friends, the blessing already has your name on it. The good news is there is no line to get it. There is no “Will Call”. There are no late charges and no shortage in heaven! It’s all yours, totally paid for: blessings, favor, confidence, forgiveness. Rise up in faith. It’s your time. It’s your season. Start acting on it and receive everything He has in store for you!