Speeding things up

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We’re living in a day when God is speeding things up. What should have taken you a lifetime to accomplish, because you honor God, He is going to do in a fraction of the time. God is going to give you breaks that you didn’t deserve. He is going to bring the right people across your path. You’re going to see opportunity like you’ve never seen before. You need to get ready; you’ve come into a shift.

Think of it like a car. When you shift from second gear to fourth gear, the engine is still running at the same speed. It’s not working any harder, but you’re going faster. You’re covering more ground. The higher gears have greater capacity. They’re designed to go faster. In the same way, because you’ve kept God first place, He is shifting you to a higher gear. You’re going to go further, faster not because you’re working harder trying to make it all happen, but because it’s your time for acceleration!