Become Empowered

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When you reflect something, you are exhibiting its likeness. You are displaying its characteristics.

Like a mirror, the Bible tells us that we should reflect the character and likeness of Jesus. We should have His same attitude.

That may sound like a pretty tall order; after all, Jesus was the Son of God. But remember, when we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, we become sons and daughters of the Most High God, too. We become empowered by the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead. That means we have the same spirit of humility, the same strength, the same love, the same power on the inside. We are empowered to follow His example and do what He did. When Jesus walked the earth, the scripture says He went around doing good and bringing healing to others physically, spiritually and emotionally. That’s what we should be doing, too.

Notice this verse starts by saying, “Let…” In other words, we have to invite God into our attitude and actions. Choose today to invite Him to work in you. Reflect Him in your attitude and actions, bring good to others, and reap an abundant harvest of blessing in every area of your life.