Keep Growing

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There was an article out recently that talked about how to reduce the risk of being laid off. There are three main things that employers look for when deciding who to keep. They want to keep people who are positive, people who are versatile, and people who are always improving.

Are you focused on developing your gifts in such a way that your company cannot make it without you? Do they notice that things don’t run nearly as smoothly when you’re not there? If you take a week off and nobody misses you, all the work gets done and sales are just as good, unless you’re the owner, it’s time to sound the alarm. If you’re not being missed, then maybe you’re not needed. You need to kick it into a new gear and start producing more than you have been.

Scripture is clear, when we sharpen our skills, when we work with a spirit of excellence, we will stand before great men. Leaders will take notice. Promotion comes. Like cream rising to the top, you will rise higher as well. Remember, as you keep doing your best, as you stay faithful and keep growing, God will cause you to be noticed and move forward in the life of blessing He has prepared for you!