Shake off the past

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In scripture, many heroes of the faith started out at the very bottom. Think of Joseph. He was thrown in a pit and sold into slavery by his own brothers. But even as a slave, he developed his skills. He was so valuable that he was put in charge of his master’s whole household.

When he was falsely accused and put into prison, he was so valuable there that they put him in charge of the whole prison. What is that? Cream rising to the top. When Pharaoh needed someone to run the country and administer the nationwide feeding program during the famine, he didn’t choose a cabinet member; he didn’t choose his department head. He chose Joseph, a prisoner, a slave. Why? Joseph developed his skills right where he was. His gifts made room for him, and he was always rising to the top.

Friend, there’s never an excuse to not keep rising. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like your current job; it doesn’t matter if other people don’t treat you right. God is saying, “It’s time to get out of the pit.” It’s time to shake off the past. It’s time to rise to the top!