It’s raining

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In scripture, rain represents God’s favor. This verse is telling us to “ask for rain even though it’s raining.” What does that mean? You might think, “If it’s raining, it doesn’t seem like you’d need to ask for it.” But God is saying, “My favor is available to you, but you’re not going to receive it unless you ask.”

Right now, God is showering down blessings, healing, promotion and good ideas. It’s raining favor. But, we have to do our part to get our words in line with what God wants to do. We have to ask for that favor. We have to call it in if we are going to experience it. We have to release our faith with our words.

This is a great day to be alive! God is pouring out His favor like no other time in history. Right now, it’s raining increase. It’s raining new ideas. It’s raining promotion. Don’t let it pass you by. Start declaring it for yourself, “I am blessed. I am prosperous. I am favored. I am healthy. I am free.” Ask for rain in this time of rain and see His blessing and provision in every area of your life!