Being Devoted

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Being devoted to something means you are loyal to it by giving of your time, affection and resources.

What are you devoted to? Many people today are devoted to certain restaurants, television programs and even their cell phones. And there’s nothing wrong with any of that, but we have to examine our own hearts and see if we are being devoted to what God has called us to. Are you being devoted to the people God has placed in your life? Are you honoring others above yourself?

The world’s system says to “look out for number one — yourself,” but God’s system says “look out for others, and I will look out for you.”

Today, as you examine your own heart and life, ask the Lord to show you ways that you can honor others. One way is by being faithful to your word. Be a person of integrity and honor. As you live your life devoted to one another, you are honoring God. And He will repay you for your kindness and reward you in this life and in eternity!