Victor’s Mentality

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In scripture, Paul went through hard times. How did he come through? He wasn’t complaining, living in self-pity or despair. No, he shook off that defeated mindset and chose to have a vision of victory. This is what we have to do, too!

Remember, you’re not a weakling. You’re not lacking. The most powerful force in the universe is breathing in your direction. Every morning you need to remind yourself, “I am ready for and equal to anything that comes my way. I am full of can-do power.”

Listen, that sickness is no match for you. That relationship issue is not going to keep you from your destiny. The loss of that loved one did not stop God’s plan for your life. Don’t let it overwhelm you. You can handle it. You’ve been armed with strength! Keep a victor’s mentality because a victor’s mentality becomes a victor’s reality!