The Spider

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I read something interesting about a spider. We’ve all seen how a spider spins a web in order to catch an insect. That web is filled with a sticky substance so that when an insect comes in contact with it, it not only gets tangled in the web, but it actually gets stuck. Have you ever thought about how the spider that’s spinning the web can walk across it and not get stuck? It seems like he would get trapped in his own web. But God made the spider so that its body releases a special oil that flows down to its legs. That way, it can just slide across the web. You could say the spider doesn’t get stuck because of the anointing that’s on its life!

In the same way, God has put an anointing on your life. It’s like oil that causes things not to stick. When you walk in His anointing, the things that should bring you down won’t be able to. Bitterness won’t be able to stick to you. Envy and strife will slide right off of you. The traps of the enemy won’t even faze you! You are protected, and you won’t get stuck because you are covered in Him!