Stretch your faith today

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My friend Joel has a friend that has a son who got his driver’s license a while back and really wanted a car. His father said to him, “Let’s believe that God will give you a car.” The son said, “Dad, God is not going to give me a car. You can buy me a car.” He said, “No, let’s pray.”

They asked God to somehow make a way for the son to have a car. The young man had one in mind, but he would have been happy with anything. A couple of months later, this man’s employer called him in and said, “For the last two years, we’ve made a mistake on your paycheck. We’ve been underpaying you.” When they handed him the check for the back pay, it was $500 more than the car they had been hoping to buy.

The Scripture says, “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?” There is no telling what God will do if you’ll dare to believe Him. Why don’t you stretch your faith today? Give God something to work with. Declare His Word, meditate on His promises, and put Him first because nothing is too hard for Him!