When you obey, dreams come to pass.

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One time, Jesus made mud and put it on a blind man’s eyes. He told him to go wash it off in the pool of Siloam. Jesus could have just as easily healed the blind man on the spot. He could have opened his eyes right then and there and sent him on his way. But obedience activates God’s power. The blind man could have wiped the mud off with his own hands and thought, “I’m not going to do that. That doesn’t make sense. That’s going to be a waste of time.” He could have thought, “I’m blind. I have these disadvantages. I can’t make it down to the pool.” But instead of making excuses, instead of talking himself out of it, he decided to just do it. He went to the pool and washed it off. Immediately, he could see.

When you obey, dreams come to pass. When you obey, health is restored. When you obey, problems turn around. I wonder how many miracles we would see if we would simply do what we know we’re supposed to do. Are you talking yourself out of something because it’s not practical, it doesn’t make sense? Quit putting it off and just do it. If you’ll have bold obedience, you’ll activate His power and see God’s favor in a new way!