Blessing and Victory

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When Joshua and the Israelites needed to get across the Jordan River, God said He would open it up, but they had to get their feet wet before the waters parted. They could have sat back and thought, “As soon as God opens it, then we’ll walk toward it. It doesn’t make sense to go now. The river is still flowing. Everything is normal. Nothing is unusual.” No, they took a step of faith and started walking toward the water. I can imagine when water got up to their ankles they thought, “What are we doing walking into a river? We could drown.” Water got up to their knees and thoughts said, “You’d better turn around. You’re making a mistake.” Water up to their waist. They just kept walking. What is that? Bold obedience. About that time, the river supernaturally parted. They walked into their promised land.

In the same way, if you’re going to make it to your promised land, it’s going to take this bold obedience. You’re not always going to understand what God is doing. God is not always logical. Faith is not in your head; faith is in your heart. You’ve got to turn your mind off and listen to what God is saying in your heart. Take a step of faith. Get your feet wet and move forward into the blessing and victory He has in store for you!

The blessing and victory is waiting for you. Are you willing to take that step of faith so that God can lead you to greater things?