Who told you that you can’t be successful?

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Are you allowing negative thoughts to stifle your potential? Why don’t you start hitting the delete button?

The experts may have told you that things are impossible or how it’s not going to work out, but those people don’t know what God has in store. He has the final say. He wouldn’t have placed that dream in your heart or given you that promise if He didn’t have a way to bring it to pass.


It’s time to delete what the naysayers have told you. It’s time to delete the discouraging words. Delete the negative reports. You’ve got to delete and repeat. You’ve got to keep deleting those negative thoughts and keep replacing them with the Word of God until you get back to your original software, so to speak — until faith is stronger than your doubts.

Who told you that you can’t be successful? Who told you you’re not tall enough, not smart enough, or that you’ve reached your limits? I can assure you that it did not come from your Creator. Don’t let others set the limits for your life. Delete those wrong thoughts, believe God’s Word, and embrace the blessing and victory He has in store for you!