A special gift from God

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Have you stopped to consider that today is a special gift from God?


Sometimes, our days can be so full and busy that we forget how fragile life really is. The little things try to creep in and steal our peace and joy. Maybe something doesn’t go your way, or someone says something upsetting. Even traffic can cause you to lose focus if you let it.

We have to remember that each day is ordained by Almighty God. If we choose to focus on the wrong things, we’ll miss the blessing that each day has to offer.

Today, don’t let the precious moments of life pass you by. Don’t wait for holidays and birthdays to show people that you care. Remember, each day is unique and irreplaceable. You have been given time that can be invested or wasted; hours that can be used or misused. That’s why the psalmist prayed to God, “Teach us to number our days.” He was saying, “Teach us to value every moment we’ve been given.”