we all go through difficulties

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There will be days that we all go through difficulties. There will be days that are not going our way and we just don’t understand why. There will be days that everything you touch seems to go wrong, or crumble. What will be your reaction to these things? Will you still keep your faith and believe that greatness and reward is just around the corner, or will you give up and start murmuring, start complaining, start wining, and then go right back to what the world does?

Many people wonder why their dreams never come true. They wonder why when they pray nothing they prayed for happens. Sometimes we are simply being tested to see whether or not we will or won’t stand strong and stay in faith. Sometimes God just wants to see what our attitude will be, and what words we will start speaking.

Life isn’t always going to be perfect for us, or easy. However, when we keep our faith, stand strong, and speak words of victory no matter what comes our way knowing that the breakthrough is just around the corner. Remember: Just about the time something great is to happen there might be some adversity, or a road bump take place. This might just be a test for you to see how you will handle that situation.

“Stay strong, stand in faith, and choose your words carefully.”