Through the eyes of faith

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You must remember that God is not only with you, He is also for you and He is in you! His goodness and mercy follow you everywhere you go, no matter where you go.

He has also promised that no matter what path life takes you on, He’ll go ahead of you and make the crooked paths straight. As long as you’re following His path, you simply can’t lose! Even though you might face challenges in life, as long as you put your faith and trust in God, then He will carry you through all of the tough times and take you to a whole new level of your life.

Once you begin to see the future through the eyes of faith, you’ll discover that victory is within your grasp. Take the time to pray each day and ask God to pave the way for you. Put scripture to it when you pray and remind God that He said in that exact scripture.

Begin to see yourself the way God sees you, and it will change your perspective on everything.