Get in the best shape of my life – Fiber and Protein…

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I wanted to share some of the nutritional components and supplements I use daily to help me lose fat, build muscle, and build lots of strength and stamina.

I just turned 54 last month and feel as though I am in my 30’s. I am 5’11” and currently at 187#. My goal over the next few months is to lose some inches around my waste line and build more muscle. I am literally on a mission to get in the best shape of my life.

The reason for adding muscle? Because for every 1# of muscle you have it burns 100 calories a day. You see, when we get over the age of 40 we start losing muscle quickly. So if we aren’t doing something to replace that muscle, then we start gaining weight and adding fat. You might be wondering why you’ve gained weight over the years when you eat the same? Well, I just told you.

Eating healthier is a huge help, but also taking supplements like pictures below are key to our health! Our body’s don’t produce enough fiber and especially not near enough protein for building muscle and good health.

I mix 2 to 3 scoops of Whey protein with either water or 2% milk and sometimes add blueberry’s and ice for a great tasting smoothie shake that I can snack on all day, or just drink all at once. I also use 2 tbsp of fiber powder with water and drink right away first thing in the morning. This bulk forms quickly, so it must be drank quickly. This will eliminate all of the crazy cravings that a person has throughout the day and will help you lose weight.

Fiber and Protein is vital to your health!

These supplements will help rebuild your muscles as you workout as well as well as help you shed some unwanted pounds.

I also take good vitamins (not cheap crap from Walmart). The ones I use are 10inOne formula which is the best on the market.

I will be doing some videos of my workouts showing how I am doing less than 15 minute workouts with no equipment and also with bands and only 3 times per week. Yes, less than 15 min 3x per week. Guess what? It works perfect!

Many people think you have to workout for hours and hours per day to lose weight and or building muscle, when the truth is, that actually hurts you instead of help you. Not to mention the fact that it burns you out, which is why most ppl start a program and quit within the first or second week because it is to hard and takes time they don’t have.

Check out the pictures below and watch for more info on this, my workout schedule, and step by step videos.


The Supra fiber 10.9 oz is $13 at Walgreen’s. The Metamucil 36.8 oz is $17 at Walmart. You don’t need both, either will do fine. The Metamucil is way more (3x more) for your money and a much better taste. This will help lose weight…Guaranteed!

Need help losing weigh and building muscle? Stay tuned to this blog for more tips, tricks, and workouts that work. I have workouts and a free app that I will give you that will help you and no equipment is needed at all. I will also show you what fitness bands to get and they are under $40.

The Whey Protein Powder I get at the and they also have the Supra fruit based fiber powder too. 🙂

Here is where I get my GBG Vitamins and MA+IGP powder <<==