Burn Calories With Exercises That Are FAST and SIMPLE…

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We all want to burn more calories don’t we? Dumb question…right? The answer, at least for me is…of course.

The problem as previously mentioned is time. We are all busy with our day to day stuff, and most everyone thinks that they don’t have extra time to invest into their own health and fitness programs.

Think about that for a little bit though…

Today I just helped bury a Uncle of mine that was 68 years of age. He has been overweight for many many years, and a great deal of his being overweight led to his health issues. My Dad, and my other uncles were all the same way. My dad was a heavy smoker for years and years which led to his emphysema, which led to his issues with being overweight. Being out of shape, overweight, and especially smoking will no doubt shorten a persons life, and in turn rob them of so many quality years that they could have otherwise enjoyed.

So what is the solution?

This is my opinion: Stop smoking if you currently do. Start eating healthier. Start doing something to better your life, such as, working out, taking vitamins and supplements, and STICK WITH IT!

As far as having time, as mentioned in my earlier post…we ALL have the same 24 hours per day, but most people choose to do non productive things with their time, like sit around and watch the news, or read the newspaper that is full of negative and junk, or maybe hang out in the bars, and the list goes on and on. That is all fine if that is what you want to do, but NOT ME! I choose to take a stand with my life, my health, and my physical condition. When I look in the mirror every morning I want to be proud of what I see, and not ashamed to stand sideways and see a big gut hanging over my belt like most of the people in the world see when they look in the mirror.

Is that the same way you feel about your physical well being too? Or do you even care?

Sometimes we have to fight hard for the things we want and desire in life. And fight is what I am doing when it comes to getting myself in the best shape of my life. I have made it a HUGE GOAL of mine to go further in life than anyone before me, and to make sure that not only am I healthy and fit physically, but also fit financially. I want to make sure that my family and generations to come will have the road all paved for them in many different areas. Sometimes we as humans have to STOP making excuses all of the time, and start setting examples. It is always easier to make excuses why we don’t have enough time to workout, or maybe say things like; I will do it tomorrow, or next week, when in fact, tomorrow, and next week will always keep getting pushed out there further and further.

We have to take control of our lives, because no one else will. We have to take some ownership and be responsible for ourselves, our family’s, and our futures.

When I looked at my uncle today for the last time, it made me really wonder, what if? What if he would have taken better care of himself and his body. Maybe he would still be here with us? Only God knows the answer to those questions. However, by taking better care of himself, no doubt his quality of life would have been so much better for so many years, and yes, I believe he would still be here with us. The same goes for my dad, and my other uncles as well.


Here are some exercises that are fast and simple, and that don’t take much time to do. The results from these are fat crushing though!

  • Good resistance bands (Fitness Gear). Can be purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods, eBay.com, or Amazon.com
  • Swimming
  • Rowing. Can be done with rowing machines, or with resistance bands.
  • Cycling/Biking. Can be done with a bicycle or stationary bike at home.
  • Stair Climbing. Can be done with a stair climber machine, or just use regular stairs instead of taking the elevator.
  • Yoga

All of the above are very good in many different ways, and some of the best home workouts there is. However, my personal favorite is the resistance bands made by Fitness Gear. These can be easily taken with you on trips in a suit case, small bag, or in a backpack which makes it the most handy to take and use. I get incredible results with the bands, and it takes me less than 15 minutes to do a insane workout that gets maximum results and only 3 times weekly.

Do you like the idea of home workouts that cost little or no money? Or would you rather pay for an expensive gym membership?


So let’s say that a workout is 15 minutes and you do it 3 times weekly. That is 45 minutes per week working out and getting your body into better shape. I personally do it much faster than 15 minutes, but I didn’t in the beginning. Do you have an extra 15 minutes to get into better shape? Who doesn’t…right? Some will say they don’t, but I say cut out the news, or the video game and live longer. 🙂

As long as you are constantly burning calories, you will lose weight. Remember that it is very important to build some muscle while working out. For each 1# of muscle that you have, that 1# of muscle will burn 100 calories per day. After the age of 30 our body’s start to lose muscle, unless we are doing something to build and or maintain muscle.



You can literally workout any part of your body with these bands. As mentioned already, they are easy to carry around for traveling, etc. They come in different colors which distinguishes the weight/resistance of the band. You can get the door stop/strap with these bands for placing inside of the door jam of any door and get even more resistance and ways to use these.

Throughout these workouts you will notice your core, your arms, your legs, hips, waistline, and you will start to get slimmer and stronger. You will also develop stronger knees which always helps in carrying the loads of our body, and You will notice muscle in places that you have never seen muscle before.

Would some videos of me doing different exercises with the bands help get you going?

Leave your comments below and let me know how you like this stuff.