Vitamins and Supplements that taste good and deliver results – Live healthy and fit…

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There is no doubt hundreds and hundreds of vitamins and supplements on the market today. Some taste good, and the majority of them taste and smell awful. Sadly enough, most people go by smell and taste before they even think about what results these vitamins and supplements might deliver. Smell and taste is very important when it comes to things eat and digest.

I am guilty of being one of those that always smell something before I eat it, and then comes the taste test…lol. I have used so many different vitamins and supplements. Many have given me results, and some tremendous results. Most of those smelled and tasted just like the typical vitamin. I have also found a chewable vitamin and a supplement that not only smell and taste good, but also deliver amazing results. This multi vitamin has everything that your body needs all wrapped up in one bottle. You literally get 10 different formulas all inside of this one bottle. All other vitamins that I have ever used was short so many things that my body needed, which forced me to go out and purchase other supplements to go along with my vitamins. This forced me to take multiple capsules on a daily basis, and I still never received the results that I needed to really perform at a super high level.

Taking 2 tsp of liquid vitamin per day I get more than I ever got before with all of the others that I have taken, and I perform at a very high level just as I love to. The best part of these 10 formula in one bottle is a low price point that anyone can afford, unlike you might think they would be with such a high end product. As for the supplement that I have found to go along with this powerful multi vitamin is called MA+IGP which is in a powder form and can be mixed with water or your favorite juice or milk and then drink it for super fast absorption. You know as well as I do that capsules do not absorb fast at all, and the majority of them pass through your bowls before your body ever absorbs them leaving you with less than average results.

The Novus Era has the 10 in One multi vitamins and MA+IGP that can literally change the way you feel and perform. The MA+IGP has been featured as one of the top, leading supplements in fighting off cancers and other diseases. There is no guarantees that any of these vitamins or supplements will cure anything, but  unbelievable amount of success story’s that prove these vitamins and supplements to be the real deal, and at a price point that anyone can afford.

Below you will see the exact products that literally changed my life. The #1 health secret that got me back on my feet and walking again. I had been running and working out with no problems at all prior to taking the MA+IGP product and out of no where on one of my 5k runs I was close to going to the ground with pain in my knees, and almost wasn’t even able to walk back home. With multiple levels and stairs in our home I was literally confined to 1 floor of our home. After many days of not being able to walk due to the excruciating pain in my knees I finally went to my Doctor. She said that she has no idea what it was, or even what to do.

Our of desperation and no other options I started taking the Novus Era MA+IGP product. In just a few days I was back to walking, and in less that 1 week after I started this MA+IGP product I was back to running again. This product along with the Novus Era 10 in One vitamins I never leave home without taking these. As a matter of fact, it is the first thing that I do when I wake up each morning after brushing my teeth. I go downstairs to the kitchen and take my Novus vitamins and supplements. After that unexplained scare that I had with my knees, I will never be without these Novus Era products ever again. Even when traveling, these products go with us. My wife has also noticed a huge improvement in her alertness, her energy, sleeping much better, no more headaches, and much more. 🙂

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If you plan to live a healthy and disease free life, it all starts with you and making a decision to put the best vitamins and supplements in your body. Next comes a better/healthier way of eating, along some weekly exercise. Check out the older post on this website/blog and see some ideas, and workout tips, tricks, and even self help videos for fast and effective workouts that can be done with no equipment, from home, your office, hotel room, or anywhere that you wish to do them.

Have you ever imagined be able to carry your gym equipment with you while traveling? I have, and now I do… 🙂

I take my resistance bands everywhere I go when I travel. I literally workout less than 30 minutes per workout, and do this only 3 times per week and am getting myself in the best shape of my life. There is more information about these resistance bands as well as other home workouts you can do in literally under 15 minutes and get better results than you have ever though possible.