Weight loss and fitness goals at any age – (procrastination and excuses)…

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Weight loss and fitness goals at any age should always top the list. Yes, any age! No excuses should be used when it comes to your health. Anyone can lose weight and get fit…no matter what their age may be. Age to me is just a date on the calendar, and nothing more. So many people nowadays use their age as a crutch, as an excuse to get out of doing something that could definitely change their life.


As you have probably read in my previous post, my wife and I are doing the 3 week diet right now and having tremendous success with it. We are experiencing in my opinion, tremendous weight loss with the 3 week diet.

Tips for weight loss and fitness goals at any age:

  1. We set the goals and stick with them.
  2. We drink as close to 1 gallon of filtered water each day.
  3. We NEVER eat after 9pm in the evening (preferably 8pm) depending on what time we are going to bed. For us, it is close to midnight before we ever go to bed.
  4. We eat a great deal of veggies. Some fruits.
  5. We really watch our carbs!
  6. We are using apps on our phones to keep track of our meals/calories/carbs/fat, etc, and of course our exercise.
  7. We workout 3 times weekly for a minimum of 15 minutes, but no longer than 30 minutes ever!
  8. No vending machine food, drinks, sodas, etc. These are ALL high carbs which is what packs on the unwanted fat.
  9. Have fun with your dieting. Weight loss should be considered fun, and not a chore.
  10. Stick to it until you have reached your goals, then maintain your weight and not allow yourself to get 3 pounds over your goal weight. The 3# rule!

So why should you consider weight loss and fitness?

Weight loss isn’t for everyone. Many people in the world we live in are extremely overweight and most are just obese. Why do people allow themselves to get so overweight and out of shape?


I am not picking on anyone here, but to me it is just laziness more than anything else. Many people use excuses like; I am to busy to diet and workout. Or they might say, I am just to tired when I get home from work to “eat healthy and workout“. Or they might say…”I will start tomorrow, or next week. This is excuses, no matter how you look at it. I get being busy. I to am very busy and sometimes work my traditional businesses close to 80 hours per week, and occasionally more. I know what busy is all about. However, I never allow myself to fall into that crap trap called excuses, or procrastination. Some people sit on the couch and have a bag of chips beside them and a TV remote in the other hand doing nothing but that all evening, every evening. Then they wonder why they are so overweight and out of shape. It’s there fault!

A great “free app” that you can use for workouts is “Fit Star“. This free fit star app can be downloaded to your phone, your computer or your tablet. This app works great and is very easy to follow. Build muscle while burning fat with fit star. Use fit star and have fun with it.

Limit Your TV and Couch Time!

Here is what I mean by limit your TV and couch time. Everyone needs and deserves some “couch” time, some rest from the busy day…right? Yes, they do! However, it doesn’t mean that is what we should do for the entire evening, or day, depending on your work schedule. Our body’s need exercise and proper foods. Here is where a lot of people make excuses for themselves. They will say things like; I get plenty of exercise during my work day, or my job is so stressful and I walk and work a lot at that job, so I don’t need anymore workouts. No usually, the ones that are saying those things are the ones that are so overweight. Again, I am not pointing fingers, or picking on anyone. But you have to admit, this is pretty much the way it is.


Limit your TV time to maybe one of your favorite shows while you eat a healthy low carbs dinner, then allow 1 hour for that to settle, then get off the couch and exercise for 15 to 30 minutes. After that, you can sit on the couch and relax the rest of the evening. Face the facts here, this is simple and easy to do if you will just commit to doing it and eliminate the excuses.

What Procrastination And Excuses Do To Us:

We all make excuses from time to time…right? Of course we do, including me. Trust me, I can procrastinate as good as anyone if I allow myself to do it. However, I make myself do what is on my “to do list”, and my “goals” list. I had to learn to stop procrastinating, and still have to really work on it, or I will never get anything done, or reach any of my goals.


Procrastination is an enemy of mine, and should be yours too. Nothing good ever gets done when we procrastinate. Instead, just get in and get it done, then you will feel much better about yourself and your accomplishments. Procrastination and Excuses will never help me or you reach any of our goals, or do anything great in our lives.

This one last tip has made it simple for me. I do my workouts before I eat my dinner/supper so that I can enjoy some relaxation on the couch in the evening and watch a few of my favorite TV programs (HGTV) “how to” build stuff…all educational. I personally like watching TV programs that I can learn something from and use the ideas and things for my own projects, etc. By doing the workout before I eat allows me to be way more motivated and less lazy feeling after a long day of work. Just an idea, but it works. On the flip side, if you eat and then hit the couch with TV remote in hand, well, you tend to get rested and relaxed…(lazy), and then the “do it tomorrow” excuses will start to take over your mind. Make sense?

After I have watched a few of my “favorite” TV programs, then I shut the TV off, as well as the computer and other devises, and start reading “self help books“. The one I am reading right now is a huge book by Tony Robbins. It is the “how to” of investing and setting up your entire future and for generations to come. I personally like reading before bedtime. Reading something good and educational that is. We tend to dream about what we last seen before we went to bed, so I want that to be good, positive thoughts, and not something bad, or misleading from TV, or the internet land.


On this blog you can go back through my older post and find plenty of weight loss and fitness ideas, as well as meals, simple and short exercises, no equipment exercises, videos, etc. So check them out and make the decision to get started today, NOT tomorrow. It all starts with the decisions you make today! I always recommend using something to keep track of your weight loss and fitness goals. Keep track of your workouts, your meals, your weight, etc. I personally use “MyFitnessPal” for keeping track of everything. This way I won’t try to cheat. Plus, it is way easier to keep track of it than trying to write everything down and then having to pack that paper and pen everywhere I go. We all have our cell phones everywhere we go anyway, so why not use that phone to your advantage?


Weight loss and fitness goals at any age might be confusing many? It is simple. There is no age limit to setting goals for losing weight and getting in the best shape of your life. Unless you think there is. Our minds will sometimes really try to play tricks on us, if we allow it to. There is no age limit to anything you make the decision to do. The only limit is you!

I always encourage comments below. Maybe you have ideas that work for you? I would love to hear them! Post your comments below. Have a great day! 🙂


-Mike Pilcher