How to control your Holiday “overeating”…

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The holiday season is almost upon us and thee will be more food than you can shake a stick at. The question is; can you control your overeating?

Here are some ideas that work for me, and ideas that I used today for our first thanksgiving and holiday dinner of this year. I took what I wanted to eat, but I took small portions (much smaller than normal) and I ate very slow. Slowing down your eating will help you much more than you think, if you will just take the time to do it. Overeating is so easy to do during the holidays, but trust me, don’t do it and you will love yourself later. You will especially love yourself when you get on the scales the next time, or like for me, tomorrow morning.

I even had desert, but there again, it was a small portion! Now as I sit here hanging out, I am hearing most people say how full they are and how they shouldn’t have ate so much. I am not full at all and I still had what I needed to satisfy my cravings. We don’t have to eat so much, or at least as much as we think we do…lol.

I highly recommend using this free app “MyFitnessPal” for entering all of your meals on a daily basis, your workouts/exercises, walking, running, working, or whatever it is that you do. Trust me, this free app will not just help you keep track of your daily activitys and food, but it will especially help you stay accountable to yourself and your health and fitness goals. This free app helps me control my overeating habits and kick all of the bad habits from years of overeating.

Daily eating habits are not that hard to break if we get it in our mind of what we really want. Set goals and make yourself stick to those goals and reach them in the time you have set for yourself. Goals are worth setting! Make sure you write down your goals on paper and then have them somewhere that you have to look at them daily! Your daily eating habits can get out of control easy if you don’t learn how to control them. Hopefully these ideas above will help you just as they have me and my wife.

Enjoy the holiday season, but put a stop to your overeating and you will love the results it gets you. 🙂

Take care!