Mathews Creed XS Target Shooting and Testing – No Stabilizer and QAD…

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Today I spent more time really dialing in and target shooting my new Mathews Creed XS bow. I also done some different testing with and with the stabilizer and honestly couldn’t tell any difference at all. So why should I carry around the extra stabilizer weight if not needed? So for my Mathews Creed XS pictured below, there is no stabilizer! In a previous post I was just setting the creed xs up and put the stabilizer on it, but as mentioned haven’t noticed any difference, so I took it back off.

Sometimes I think many people get all mixed up in what others are doing and using on their bows, so that person automatically thinks that is a cool look, or whatever, and they run out and buy the same stuff. We kind of live in a copycat society…lol. For me, I would rather test for myself to see what feels good to me, what I like and don’t like, and be the judge for myself. I like the lighter bow myself, since I actually go to the woods and hunt with it. I also carry a summit viper sd climbing tree stand, as well as a backpack with enough stuff in it to sit the entire day in a tree. You know, water, food, snacks, rain gear, extra clothes, binoculars, calls, and other miscellaneous hunting stuff. So, as you can imagine, I am already packing enough weight the way it is, without having my bow weight a bunch too. Plus, I just like that cleaner look with a whole bunch of unnecessary crap on it.

This bow is so quiet right from the Mathews factory that you don’t have to put a bunch of crap on it to make it quiet, when all it really does to this bow is just weigh it down more. One of the great features of the Creed XS is its 3.85# weigh in. That is pretty light, so for me and hunting, I am leaving all of the little extra gadgets off of it. This bow comes with a 7.5″ brace height, and mine is maxed out at 62# because it has the 50#-60# limbs, and I have the draw length at 28.0″.

This Mathews Creed XS is not just light weight, but it is quiet, and pretty quick. Not the fastest bow on the market by no means, but very quick at 321 fps. Of course these speeds are at Mathews testing at 70# and light weight arrows. For me and hunting, my arrows aren’t near as light, and I have my bow set at 62# for comfort and for being able to draw it at weird angles, sitting down, or however I have to. After all, I got the Mathews Creed XS for hunting…

And for hunting I am not concerned about the fastest bow on the planet, but rather, short, easy to draw in any position, as well as in the tree stand, or blind, and smooth all the way through the draw cycle. I also wanted a quiet bow which is what the Creed XS offers, as well as everything else I just mentioned.

Below is a simple, cheap bow square that is needed for setting up your arrow angle and your arrow rest. You can either do it yourself or take it to an authorized bow deal/shop so that they can do it for you. This is one of the little things that we did to pick up some extra speed from my Mathews Creed XS. Just by getting the angle just right and using a laser beam light to help get the arrow perfectly straight and the angle just right, it helped pick up some speed through the chronograph testing. The angle was first off a little and it slowed down the arrow, and actually made the arrow fly a little funny. You can look at the arrow from the side and kinda guess and “eyeball” it, or you can use a bow square and do it right.

My Mathews Creed XS came from the factory with the QAD Custom arrow rest which makes this bow much faster than any other arrow rest in the market today. This QAD arrow rest will absolutely smoke any other arrow rest out there as far as speed, accuracy, and dependability. The QAD arrow rest has a lifetime warranty to back it up. The arrows that I have chose are the Carbon Express Maxima Hunter 350 which I’ve cut down to 27″. These arrows are  8.9 grams per inch with blazer vanes, so by my scales and conversion my arrows with field tip and knocks weigh in at a whooping 340.5 grams. The spine weight on these arrows is pretty stiff which makes them a great choice for hunting. I use 100 grain field tips as well as 100 grain broad-heads. I like keeping things simple, so the broad-heads I am using are Savora 3 bladed, and also Muzzy 3 bladed. Both of these are 100 grains each, and they are also replaceable blades.

You can visit the Carbon Express website here << and see all of the numbers, the grain weights, spine weights, and different options for arrows.

As mentioned in the previous post to this one, I have had a amazing 305 fps from this bow, but consistently and average for this Creed XS is at 296. This to me is extremely good for a hunting bow. After all, I hunt with this Mathews creed XS and not just spend all my time target shooting or always shooting through the chronograph. I done the chronograph testing just to see where I was at, and tried some little things to improve my bows efficiency to make it as quick as possible as well as even quieter than it already was.

Below you will see the exact peep sight I am using on my creed xs. This is the red aluminum hunting peep sight with 1/4″ hole. You will also notice the serving job around the peep sight as well as the way we done the d-loop for my release.

These 2 pictures right below here show the little black plastic blocks I shared in the previous blog post on mounting a quiver to the Mathews Creed XS. Since Mathews didn’t add places into the riser for weight reasons, they did make these little black plastic block that you add for the mounting of a single mount arrow quiver, or for the mounting of a 2 piece quiver like mine pictured. In the pictures you will see little white dots for exactly where the blocks slide into.

The picture below and the one right above here shows the sight that I am using on this creed xs. This is the Easy Glider single pin sight that you can push a lever and dial up any yardage you want to shoot. I like the single pin sight so much better than multiple pins, for the simple reason, there is no guessing which pin to shoot when there is low light and hard to see in the early am hours, or later evening pm hours. This sight also has a little light in the end that you can use on low, or high that really illuminates the sight pin itself very well. Perfect for hard to see hunting areas, or in low light areas.

I love the accuracy, the dependability, and the smooth draw cycle this creed xs offers. And there is no shock in the hand grip when shot. This bow is literally the best bow I’ve owned and hunted with yet. Mathews keeps improving their bow line and staying in front of the competition. 🙂