Don’t Limit Your Life By Dwelling On The Wrong Things – A Dream Is Necessary

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Don’t Limit Your Life! Your life matters, so dream again, and believe that all things are possible for those that believe.

Don’t Limit your life by dwelling on the wrong things. Yes, it’s true! You can limit the life you have been given by dwelling on the wrong things, and allowing the negative things in your life, or around you keep you from your greatest potential. So often, wrong thinking keeps people stuck right where they are. If you think you’ll never accomplish your dreams, then you’ll stay stuck where you are.

A dream is a necessary thing in all of us. Without a dream, it is virtually impossible to ever achieve greatness. You have a dream on the inside, but maybe you are afraid to dream, maybe you have dreamed before and been shot down, or had numerous failures and setbacks, and now you are afraid that same thing will happen again if you allow yourself to dream? Say to yourself daily: My dream is necessary!

If you think you don’t have the talent, the connections or the funds, then you are limiting yourself. If you think that you are as far as you will ever go, maybe because your parents only went that far, then you are limiting yourself. Don’t limit yourself from your best life now. Don’t limit yourself from what God has put inside of you. We all have a dream on the inside of us, placed there by our creator, so let me ask you this. What is your dream?

We have to remember that God’s promises never return void. His Word stands true forever! Never limit what God can do in your life by focusing on what you see in the natural realm.

You have to realize that you serve a supernatural God, and just because you don’t see a way doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have a way. Quit dwelling on the set backs, or the illness you may going through, or maybe the lack of work and income right now, and start dwelling on what you can do. You can do anything that you set your mind to, if you will develop some faith, some trust in God, and turn all of the negative and junk in your life over to Him. You are the one that is responsible for your destiny. You are the one that has to make the decision to either move forward, or just stay where you are.

God can bring one opportunity across your path that will launch you to a whole new level. He has explosive blessings in store that can blast you out of where you are and into a place of abundance! Instead of hanging out with negative people, start hanging out with only positive people. If you are around people who are constantly complaining, or talking about others, then it is time to find some new friends, it is time to find new people to be around. Just remember, we become who we hang out with the most. If you want to become more, get out of debt, create a better lifestyle, do more in life, then maybe it’s time to find new association.

Shift your focus from this limited realm, start looking at God’s supernatural realm, and see His unlimited possibilities for your future!

Don’t limit your life, but instead, dream again, and Live life to the fullest each and every day. Remember to say; “My Dream Is Necessary”. Dreams are important and real, so never be afraid to dream. It is necessary for you to write your goals and dreams down. Get your paper and pen out right now and set your goals, write them down on paper, and read those dreams and goals out loud daily. If someone tells you that this is silly or it don’t work, then find new friends and people to hang out with. Find yourself “Quality” people to hang out with…and only quality people!

Here are 5 key words to use daily: “The Will To Do It“. Have a will to do it, and refuse to allow anyone, or the outside world to keep you from doing what you dream about, and what you have goals set to do. Have The Will To Do It!

You have more inside of you my friend. 🙂

-Mike Pilcher