Dreams and Goals – We Become What We Think About…

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Dreams and Goals should always be on the forefront of our minds each and every day. We become what we think about the most. What do you think of the most? What is on your mind the majority of the day? Who do you hang out with the most? Are these people successful and positive, or are they broke and negative?

Some people will tell you that “dreams and goals” are silly, they are only for the people that was born into money, they are for those “rich” people. How do you think those so called “rich” people became rich? Here’s how; these people wasn’t always rich, or born into money, well most of them wasn’t anyway, so they decided to quit hanging around broke people and start hanging around rich and successful people.

Most of the worlds richest people was at one time broke, poor, and very frustrated with life. They all had challenges to overcome, maybe like the challenges you may be going through right now as you are reading this blog post. Most people fail in life because they never set goals, they don’t allow themselves to dream. So yes, dreams and goals are very important if you want ever become wealthy, or rich as many call it.

Life will always throw challenges our way, the enemy is always right around the corner waiting for you to speak something negative and then here comes all of the challenges, more hurtles, more challenges, more negative thoughts, and on and on the list goes. Sometimes we have to believe that if others have done something great, then so can we. I think that it all starts in our minds. It all starts with a dream, and then next is setting a goal, or goals. Get someone that can see what you can’t see to be a coach, or mentor for you. Get someone that can believe in you when you don’t really believe in yourself. We all have those inner conversations that will often times overtake us if we allow them to.

So what are your dreams and goals?

You must set goals! Get some paper and a pen right now and sit down in a quiet place where you can think clearly and start writing down what is important to you. Write down what you want in life. Write down what you dream about the most. If you want to be happy, and truly have in life what you want, then it all starts with your dreams and goals. Next is finding someone to hang out with that is way farther in life than you are. Someone that is already successful, someone that already has financial independence, and allow them to be your friend, but more importantly, allow them to coach and mentor you. If nothing else, then watch videos like the one above here. Go to youtube.com and search Les Brown, or Tony Robbins, or Motivational videos and submerge yourself in them videos daily, especially when you are felling down, or in a negative situation.


Learn how to train your mind to serve you. Train your mind how to quit dwelling on the negative and start dwelling on the positive, the future and not the past. Don’t allow others to pull you down, and don’t allow those negative thoughts to control your mind any longer. Don’t allow yourself to speak anything negative from this day forward!

We become what we think about the most and who we hang out with the most. Association is a vital part of our success. Money can’t make you happy, but to me it is like oxygen, we have to have it…lol. Think about your financial freedom number. In other words; figure out what you need to operate comfortably, and then multiply that number by 100. Yes, take your financial freedom number and take it x 100. I was guilty of always setting my number to low and then hitting that number, but still being short of what I actually needed to live comfortably. Once I started to broaden by horizons, my goals, my financial freedom number, then things started getting better and better.

I believe in you and I will agree with you right now if you want someone to agree with you on what you are dreaming about, what you are setting your goals at, and what it is that you really want in life. Find someone that will agree with you, someone that can see what you can’t see, someone that can lift you up when you need lifting up, someone that can push you a little, someone to partner with. You can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you truly believe it.

Dreams and Goals are vital for your success, so start right now by dreaming again, and start right now by writing those goals down on paper. Read self help books, watch motivation videos like the one above here, and so this DAILY. I have learned for myself anyway, that I was continuing to get beat, because I wasn’t willing to read, listen, and get better. Self help books, motivation videos, and finding a life coach was the best decision that I ever made. This is the main reason that I was able to get out of the mess that I was one time in.


One of my biggest dreams is to help thousands and thousands of people to become healthier, to get themselves in better shape and to become wealthy. You will see a page at the top of this website called “Books -Videos“. I recommend you to visit this “book – video” page, and start reading the self help books on this page and watching the videos on this page as well. Remember: It all starts in our minds!

God Bless,

-Mike Pilcher


P.S. Figure out what it is that you truly want my friend, and then do whatever it takes to get it. Don’t limit your life any longer by focusing on the negative things, the past, and the negative people around you. You may have to get new friends like I did! 🙂