Holiday season is here

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Holiday season is here, so remember that what you drink counts just as much as what you eat. So if you’re going to indulge, do it mindfully, and with the best ingredients possible.

Below are three of our favorite holiday beverages that hit the sweet spot, without breaking the healthy habits bank.

  1. Spiced Cider: Pour eight ounces of unsweetened fresh apple juice into a microwaveable mug, and pop in a mulling spice bag, then zap for 90 seconds. Let steep for three minutes. Don’t have mulling spice bags? No problem! Simply stir a pinch of ground cinnamon and clove to warm apple juice.
  2. Hot Chocolate: Using your preferred milk (we love this with unsweetened vanilla almond milk), stir 1 cup of milk, 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon of maple syrup and 1 splash of vanilla extract into a mug. Microwave and adjust seasonings to your taste. We love the Almond milk that is only 60 calories and super low on carbs. This milk is not just good for you, but it has an amazing taste too. This is the same low calorie milk that I use to make my protein shakes.
  3. Peppermint Mocha: Make the hot chocolate as above, but also add 1 shot of espresso and 1 splash of peppermint extract.

Would you like to have that coffee shop, or that Starbucks experience? When the weather is cold, turning to a warm drink is very satisfying – but what to do about all those calories that you take in? Well, you could edit your order to be a small or tall beverage, made with milk that’s lower in fat, and skip the whipped cream topping…

Or, enjoy the drinks that you love and then go home and get your workout on. Yes, I said workout! How bad do you want those drinks? Do you want them bad enough to have to go back home and do a fast workout? Listen, all you have to do is less than a 30 minute workout. Use your “Fit Star” app and do a 15 minute workout with no rest and you will more than burn off all of the extra calories that you took in from your favorite drink.

Why Use Fit Star and Resistance Bands This Holiday Season?

Remember back several blog post on this site when I mentioned using the free Fit Star app? This app is amazing, and the workouts are so simple and fun to use and follow. It is all done with a live coach showing you how to do each exercise, and doing it right along with you.
Holiday Season is here, but you don’t have to starve yourself, and you don’t have to just let yourself go either. Many people will use this as an excuse and they will say things like; I will get in shape after the 1st of the year. That might even be their New Years Resolution? You know as well as I do, that it’s all just talk, and they will NEVER do anything except get farther out of shape and even fatter. I’m sorry if that might offend you, but come on, excuses will get you, or me, or anyone else anywhere they want to be…NEVER! I have found a way to lose body fat fast, and now after well over 1 month of losing over 3 inches off of my waist line, to keep it off and eat what I want. Oh, and by the way, I still ONLY workout 3 times PER WEEK, and only 30 minutes, if not less each workout…that’s it! The one thing that helped me overcome, was to stop making excuses and get off the couch and get the workout done.

Why Use MyFitnessPal This Holiday Season?

There are many times that I will get done with dinner, log it into “MyFitnessPal” app and notice that I am over my budget calories and carbs, so what I do is either grab my resistance bands and go hard without rest for 15 minutes, or I will click on my “Fit Star” app and pick a 15 minute workout and go at it. To me, a simple 15 minute workout is nothing, and especially compared to staying in great shape, stay looking good, and feel good about myself. Using MyFitnessPal this holiday season will allow you to keep track of your meals, your snacks, and maybe even the candy you indulge in. I am telling you, the eating can get out of hand quickly if you don’t do something to keep track of it. The calories, and especially the weight gaining carbs add up fast, so use “MyFitnessPal” (a free app) that will allow you to keep track of everything you eat, so that you can keep from putting on those unwanted holiday season pounds.

Why take the time to go back through the older blog post on this website?

If you haven’t seen my older blog post of how my wife and I lost over 12 pounds of fat in 3 weeks and kept it off ever since, then click here now << and learn the secrets that very few people know about. Neither one of us wanted to lose 20 plus pounds like so many people have on this same “secret” 3 week diet have, but we did want to lose 12 pounds, and that we did. For me, a great deal of that was in my waist line, and as mentioned above, that was over 3 inches off of my waist line. I am not ashamed to take my shirt off now in front of others, like I once was. I’ve noticed as we get older, we tend to gain weight so much easier than we did when we was younger. For us, the 3 week diet was the answer for shedding those unwanted pounds, and doing it painless and fast. Click here << to learn more about the 3 week diet.

I have shared the reasons for this in older blog post on this website, so you can go back through the older blog post and find those and learn the why. You will find so many great exercises, free fitness/workout apps, and other free apps, tools and information that you can use to shed pounds and get in the best shape of your life, and do it in a much faster time frame than you may be thinking. I also share how I make a great deal of residual income with this blog/website back in the older blog post. 🙂

Enjoy this holiday season and remain fit.