KC Chiefs Wildcard Playoff Victory In Houston TX…

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KC Chiefs are definitely HOT right now, and have been for the last 11 games. Today marks history for sure with a round one playoff victory over the Houston Texans 30-0. It had been 22 years since their last playoff win, or until today that is.

So now with this win, and after the game tonight, the KC Chiefs are heading out to play the New England Patriots next weekend. The New England Patriots have some of their best players out right now with injury’s and they are really struggling to get things going again. This will be a great game to watch, and more than likely a nail biter right to the end. Tom Brady and that high octane offense, against KC Chiefs and that hard to control defense.

The KC Chiefs are now 12-5 on the season and the KC Chiefs are not done yet! Some of the highlights of today’s game can be seen here <<.

Today’s game against the Houston Texans got off to a very fast start after Knile Davis ran the opening kickoff back from the end zone for a touchdown. This game was a 30-0 finish with the KC Chiefs winning and heading to the next NFL playoff round 2.


This picture above is the last time that the chiefs and patriots met. This was a bad day for Tom Brady and the Patriots, as the Patriots embarrassed by Chiefs on Monday night football. Brady spent most of his time on the field under pressure, resulting in sacks and being put on the ground. Will this playoff game next weekend be the same? Last game was at home for the chiefs, but this time the game is at the patriots home stadium. Will this be enough of an advantage for Brady and the Patriots to stop the on fire chiefs defense, or will the chiefs do the same thing to Brady and the patriots that they did in their last meeting? One advantage for the chiefs is they are healthy for the most part, and the patriots are not healthy right now, with many of their top players and receivers out with injury’s.

Chiefs vs Patriots. What a showdown this will be. Who are you cheering for? Who do you think will win this playoff game at the Gillette Stadium? Post your comments below and lets here what you think, how the game will go, and what you think the score will be in the end. Who do you think will be the MVP pf the game?


This game with the Chiefs vs Patriots could be one of the best playoff games of all time. The KC Chiefs have found the key that unlocked the door to winning, and after today’s game, this makes the 11th straight game they have won, which marks a KC Chiefs franchise record. This team is hungry, and very full of passion. Will this playoff game come down to Alex Smith and his ability to scramble in the pocket, or could it be the high scoring offense of Tom Brady and the Patriots? The KC Chiefs definitely will have their hands full with the Patriots and Tom Brady, but one thing is for certain, the defense of the Chiefs will be in Tom Brady’s face for the entire game, which could make it very tough for Brady to do what he does best, and that is throw the ball down field for completions.

Patriots to host Chiefs on Saturday in playoff opener. Let me know what you think by posting your comments below.