How to prepare fat loss meals – (live video)…

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How to prepare fat loss meals is something that most people have no clue how to do. Heck, not long ago I didn’t know how to do it, or at least do it right anyway. I can cook some meals that you will come back begging for seconds and maybe even 3rds…lol, but as far as how good for you they real was is a whole different story in itself.

I have since then learned how to prepare fat loss meals. Here is the cool thing, they are really delicious and healthy as well. As I get older I think way more about doing things that make me healthier. It’s amazing how I didn’t worry about this much when I was younger, but now I do…lol. Now I have grandchildren that I absolutely love doing things with, like hunting, traveling, vacationing, shooting bows, shooting guns, etc. So yes, I take much better care of myself now than what I did when I was younger.

So what is the difference?

The difference in how to prepare fat loss meals is learning “how to” prepare the food differently. It is all in the preparation and the types of food that you are preparing. The video below is sharing a meal that I prepared tonight for my wife and I that will really detox and clean you out. This is just one of the meals that you can find inside the 3 week diet. You probably remember me saying that the 3 week diet is responsible for me losing 12.5# of belly fat in a little under 3 weeks.

In this video you will see the veggies that I am using to prepare this fat loss meal. After a few days of this type meals, then you can start adding meat, like chicken, or shrimp, or fish to this same (I call it low carb stir fry) meal. Cook it all together in olive oil (not cooking oil). I am telling you that if you will use this same preparation and the same veggies along with the same spices and oils, then you WILL lose weight!

I also have 2 more videos below here that go with this video above of the same meal preparation. These other 2 videos show the actual cooking and steaming of this meal by using a lid on the skillet. Make sure you use a lid and low to medium heat while cooking this meal.

I recommend NOT adding salt or other stuff that you are use to eating or adding to your meals, and add what I share in these videos. Trust me, it makes a lot of difference for the best results. Salt is NOT good for you, so why use it? I never add salt to my food…ever! If your meal is prepared right, then it doesn’t need doctored up with salt and other crap…right?

Enjoy the videos.