Resistance Bands Build Muscle – Resistance Band Exercises

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Resistance Bands Build Muscle

Did you know that using resistance bands build muscle as well as maintain muscle? It is true! Using resistance bands not only build muscle, but also help you maintain muscle for better health and well being.

Building muscle and maintaining muscle should be on the forefront of your mind each and every day. The reasons are simple!

Building muscle and maintaining muscle helps keep the fat off. Muscle burns fat, and by constantly doing something that will not just maintain the muscle that you already have, but also build new muscle, will allow your body to burn fat on autopilot…even while you sleep.

If you are one that likes to work out at home or on the road while traveling, then you might want to invest in a good high quality resistance band set. Make sure and get quality instead of the cheapest you can find. The cheap ones tend to break, and could possibly hurt you, where the quality (a little higher in price) will not break, or get you hurt.

What Kind Of Resistance Bands Should You Purchase?

The stretchy, lightweight bands are compact and they have make a joint-friendly alternative to free weights. Both offer resistance, and both allow for free range of motion, but only the bands, or rubber tubing, allow for such a variety of angles. Resistance bands are good for all ages, and are something that can be used anywhere.

Resistance bands vary in colors, thickness and length, some with handles and some not. The colors typically indicate the resistance level of the band, but you just need to pick the right resistance for you and not worry so much about colors. I personally like and use the “Fitness Gear” brand that I purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods Store. You can get these at eBay, or Amazon, or pretty much any sports store.

Typically the green bands are often thinner and longer, making them the best resistance bands for beginners to use. Blue bands are a level higher than the green bands, and when pulled they should offer more resistance. Red bands are often the heaviest, shortest and thickest bands, and often have the most resistance, which makes them perfect for the stronger and maybe more advanced athlete.

Using resistance bands along with the proper diet can literally get you chiseled into the best shape of your life in a matter of months.

How Long Does It Take To Get In Really Good Shape?

Many people think that it takes 6 months to a year to get in excellent shape, which is the reason that they don’t workout, or even eat right. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Of course it all depends on how far out of shape you are. However, no matter your shape, your current weight, or size, it doesn’t matter. You can still get in the best shape of your life with the proper diet and exercise plan!

I can take you though a 30 minute, step by step resistance band workout that will literally help you lose weight and build muscle in just 3 weeks. This workout also needs to be done with the proper diet to get MAXIMUM RESULTS. While resistance bands build muscle and maintain muscle, don’t forget the cardio effect that these resistance bands offer you. Don’t neglect doing something several times weekly for cardio. Or use the mentioned workouts below and you will get both muscle building workouts as well as cardio workouts…ALL IN ONE!

Would you like to lose 12-23 pounds of body fat over the next 3 weeks, and build some muscle at the same time? REMEMBER: Muscle will continue to burn that stored fat off of your body…even while you’re sleeping!

What If I Don’t Want To Bulk Up With Muscle?

Listen, i am not talking about building massive arms and legs to look like some huge body builder. Instead, I am merely stating the fact that by building more muscle and then staying in the maintenance mode, this will allow your body to keep burning fat and help you stay leaner. Of course, if you want to bulk up and get big muscles, then you can simply add more weight or resistance bands and do that too. 🙂

There is no doubt that staying fit and healthy will allow you to live a more fulfilled life, but more importantly, it will allow you to live so much longer than the ones that never do anything to take care of themselves.

What About Resistance Band Exercises?

There are tons of resistance band exercises out there that you can use, and that work incredibly great. You can do a Google search for “resistance band exercises” and come up with hundreds and hundreds of exercises. They might be good for you, or they might not be? YouTube also has tons of videos for exercises that you can use, but there again, how do you know which one will work for you?

Or, you can Click Here << and get resistance training for older adults. Not only have I put many different resistance band exercises here on this blog, but they are also ones I use weekly for myself, so I know they work!

Here is 30 minute workout that delivers results…even over 50 << There are other workouts on this blog as well. I like this one here the best due to the intensity and the results it delivers to me. I like high intensity, short duration workouts. The reason; I like to keep my workouts under 30 minutes, and I also like to get a great cardio workout at the same time. By doing it this way, I take little to no rest in between sets and the different exercises and it gives me a great cardio workout as well as a great muscle building workout.

Resistance bands build muscle workouts for bad weather days.

Stay fit and healthy,

-Mike Pilcher


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