Daily Steps Using Garmin Vivofit – 10,000 Steps Per Day…

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Daily Steps Using Garmin Vivofit

Daily steps using Garmin Vivofit is something that can be the best investment you will ever make. Good for your health and your overall shape.

Answer these questions below honestly!

  1. How many steps are you averaging per day?
  2. Are you taking the stairs or the elevator?
  3. Are you parking as close to the door as possible, or as far away as possible so that you can walk and get your daily steps up there where they should be?
  4. Are you getting outside to walk and do things, or plopping down on the couch as soon as you get home and then stay there for the rest of day or night?
  5. Are you doing anything to get your daily exercise, or just saying maybe tomorrow you will do it?

The problem with most Americans and the obesity rates being so high is no more than people eating like crap and not exercising at all.

People are so stinkin lazy nowadays! No one wants to park far away from the door at Walmart or at the grocery store so they can get some steps in. Instead they drive around and around the parking lot until they can find a spot close to the door. What a lazy ass way of living life. Oh yeah, and lets get inside the store and grab one of those scooter chairs to ride around on while in the store. Are you freakin serious?

Don’t get me wrong, there are some people that actually need to park close to the door of the stores and use a scooter chair for getting around in the store, but MOST of the ones that use them don’t actually need them! In other words, this is why most people are so obese and overweight to start with. Lazy habits leads to obesity.

We have to exercise or we get old quick and out of shape ridiculously fast!

Have you ever thought about using something like the Garmin Vivofit watch to record your daily steps? This simple, cheap devise records your daily steps, your sleep, your calories that you take in, and heart rate. Daily steps using Garmin Vivofit is simple, fun and it makes you accountable to yourself. Wow! I probably just blew several people out right there when I said accountable to yourself…lol.

Seriously though, when you look at that watch each day and see how many steps you have, or don’t have, it tends to make you want to do something about it, instead of plopping down on the couch with a bag of chips and doing nothing for the rest of the night. Or at least most people it will anyway. I’m not picking on anyone here at all, but some people you can’t help because they won’t do anything to help themselves. Instead, they just complain about anything and everything!

What are some advantages of Daily steps using Garmin Vivofit?

  1. Live longer
  2. Get in better shape
  3. Lose weight
  4. Control your daily calorie intake
  5. Be accountable to yourself
  6. Make your sleep patterns better
  7. Use as a watch for time of day
  8. Monitor your heart rate
  9. And much more…

Daily steps using Garmin Vivofit

Just being able to control your calories is huge, and that is just one of the features of the Garmin Vivofit. Then comes in the exercise part with your daily steps and workouts. It is PROVEN that people who reach their target steps per day are in 10x better condition than those that don’t, and have way less chance of heart attacks and diseases than the ones that just sit around and do nothing for their health.

It’s amazing how a simple little wrist watch/fitness and steps tracker could make so much difference, but it sure does! Each one of us has our own set target steps we are suppose to get for our ages, weight, height and sex. Mine is 9400 steps per day that I am suppose to get (my target). I will admit, there are some days that I won’t hit that number, but not very many! Most of the time I am over 10,000 steps each day just from normal activity and what I do each day. This don’t count going out for walks with my wife. There are also days in the summer that I am over 20,000 steps per day, and that is a great deal of the time because of mowing, weed eating, and being outdoors doing things that are good for me and my health.

We all tend to make excuses from time to time for something. However, the majority of Americans make excuses for everything and then they wonder why they are sick, don’t feel like doing anything, can’t bend over to tie their own shoes, etc. Yeah, if you can’t bend over to tie your own shoes, then you are more than likely overweight and out of breath. Why? Could be a legitimate reason, but probably because your to lazy to do anything about your health and well being. Listen, I’m  sorry if that offends you, but think about it. Can you bend over and tie your shoes without stopping for a rest, or without struggles and breathing hard while doing it?

How Can You Fix The Problem?

  1. Get yourself a Garmin Vivofit, or some type of steps and calorie tracker to wear every single day.
  2. Write down your goals of what you are wanting to accomplish this summer/this year.
  3. Use Garmin Connect with your Garmin Vivofit, as well as MyFitnessPal.
  4. Cut back on your daily carbs. (Figure out your daily carbs number and stick to it until you reach your goals).
  5. Hold yourself accountable.
  6. Keep your protein level higher than your carbs and fats each day.
  7. Get as close to 10,000 steps PER DAY as possible.
  8. Reward yourself when you reach new goals.
  9. Have fun with it.
  10. Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night if possible.

Daily steps using Garmin Vivofit

Daily steps using Garmin Vivofit

Getting your Daily steps using Garmin Vivofit or some other tracking devise will for sure better your health and it will make you more accountable, or at least if you use it. The if you are using the Garmin Vivofit, as mentioned above, use the free Garmin Connect app and the free MyFitnessPal app to track your sleep, your calories, your steps, carbs, fats, proteins, and much more. You can see graphs on each item which allows you to start making improvements on what the weak areas are. You can lose weight and keep track of it with myfitnesspal.

Daily steps using Garmin Vivofit

The Garmin Vivofit 2 like ours is somewhere in the $60.00-$80.00 range depending on where you get it. Of course you can much fancier ones, but we have found that these do all and more than we actually use or need. My main concern is my daily steps, sleep, and especially my daily calories, proteins and carbs intake. People get fat and obese by not watching and keeping track of what they eat on a daily basis. They don’t watch their carbs (which is the killer) and they NEVER take in enough protein…or the right proteins and the right fats per day. Then overtime they start gaining weight until the clothes get tight and then they get lazy and sluggish due to all that extra weight they are packing around.

If you are needing a diet that is proven to work and you’ve tried many others with nothing more than failures, then visit the page on this website marked “The Best 3 Week Diet-Free eBook” and check out what it could do for you. You can grab a free eBook Introduction Manuel from the page as well. So do you think that getting Daily steps using Garmin Vivofit or some other type of tracking devise is necessary for weight loss and overall fitness? Some do and some don’t! I personally do, and for no other reasons that it holds you accountable, and it don’t lie! It tells you exactly what you have in steps and calories…or at least in calories if you actually enter what you eat…lol.

Daily steps using Garmin Vivofit

You can literally do anything that you set your mind to doing! If you believe it, then you can achieve it!!!

Get fit and healthy,

-Mike Pilcher

P.S. If you already have a Garmin Vivofit or are planning to get one, the make sure you get your Daily steps using Garmin Vivofit and except no excuses from yourself or anyone else. Everything that you decide to do is whether or not you make the decision to do it, or not do it.