Benefits of a Higher Protein Diet – Whey Protein for Cancer

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Benefits of a Higher Protein Diet have often times been misconstrued, or stretched out of proportion. Many people say that it isn’t important to have high protein diets and that protein has nothing to do with your daily lifestyle, your weight, your energy levels, or your overall health. I am here to tell you that is all garbage and the wrong information.

The importance of increased levels of the amino acid leucine and dietary protein to promote lean muscle growth, improve body weight management, and increase appetite control.

Taking in a good protein throughout the day has been proven to improve many areas of the human. It use to be said that the lower recommended amounts of protein was good, but all new studies show that taking in more than the minimum daily amount of quality protein has huge benefits.

Benefits of a Higher Protein Diet

New research demonstrates that dietary protein intakes above minimum requirements can improve adult health and provide benefits for the treatment and prevention of diseases including:

  • Body weight management
  • Metabolic syndrome (Type II Diabetes)
  • Heart disease
  • Sarcopenia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Cancers

In addition increased intake of high quality protein can also benefit athletic performance by improving strength and endurance. Study’s have shown time and time again that the use of high quality proteins as well as whey protein have led to the increase of lean healthy muscle. Lean muscle is one of the best ways to burn stored fat and help manage a persons weight.

Benefits of a Higher Protein Diet

Weight Management

Dieting often produces short-term weight loss, but maintaining the loss is difficult. High protein diets can result in greater weight and fat loss while preserving lean muscle mass.

Clinical studies with increased dietary protein during calorie restriction resulted in not only significantly much more weight loss, but also the loss being proportionately more from fat rather than muscle tissue.

Increased dietary protein following weight reduction resulted in a significantly lower percent of weight regained over a 6 month period (20% regained versus 60% for those subjects consuming normal protein levels).

A much lower percent body fat was sustained in those that was consuming a higher protein diet.

Some Very Important Key Points About High Protein Diets

Quantity of the Protein – A Sufficient amount of amino acid Lucienne is needed as a signal to maximize lean muscle synthesis…which is: (2.5 g/meal).

The Quality of Protein – Not all of the proteins out there are equal nutritional and they do not have the same amino acid profile. High quality proteins are more effective in stimulating muscle protein synthesis and can be used in lower amounts to achieve optimal health benefits with the least amount of calories.

Timing of Protein Consumption – It is important to consume high quality protein throughout the day. This is because muscle protein synthesis only lasts about 3 hours after time of consumption.

An even distribution of 30g protein/meal for three to five meals causes a significant increase in protein synthesis. However, most people tend to load too much of their protein in the evening meal, instead of spreading it out over the entire day.

A much better approach for your daily protein intake would be an more even distribution of 30g protein/meal throughout the day. So in other words; add 30g of protein for each meal throughout the day. Maybe for lunch you could add 30g of protein, then at 3:00-3:30pm add another 30g of protein with a meal or snack. Maybe a protein shake or a pumpkin pie protein smoothie made with high quality whey protein?

So, is it true? Are there Benefits of a Higher Protein Diet…or not?

Benefits of a Higher Protein Diet

More Benefits Of A Higher Protein Diet and Using Whey Protein:

  1. Whey protein is a naturally gluten-free source of protein.
  2. Whey protein is a complete protein, containing all of the essential and non-essential amino acids required by the human body.
  3. Whey protein can be used for preparing gluten-free recipes, as well as helping with weight loss.
  4. Whey protein is bland in flavor, making it easy to incorporate into many recipes.
  5. Whey protein can be used in making high quality protein shakes for early morning and mid day snacks/meals.
  6. Whey protein will BOOST energy levels for workouts and other strenuous work.
  7. Whey protein is perfect for fueling the body before and after intense workouts and runs.
  8. Whey protein is also perfect right before bed to help build back the muscles that have been torn down during workouts.
  9. Whey protein has been proven to help prevent prostate cancer in men. More info here << and more here <<
  10. Whey protein has been proven to help prevent breast cancer in women. More info here << and more here <<

Just by adding a “high quality” whey protein to your daily diet can not only help build fat burning muscle and make you feel much better, and have way more endurance, but whey protein can also help prevent cancers and other diseases from taking place in your body. So why wouldn’t you choose to start using a high quality whey protein and adding that to your daily diet?

Whey Proteins Are More Efficient than Casein in the Recovery of Muscle Functional Properties and have been proven over and over to help in disease and cancer prevention’s as well as many other areas of the human body. More info here <<

The use of whey protein as well as soy blended together help promote muscle growth and repair. These ideas and information above are some of the best Benefits of a Higher Protein Diet and using high quality whey protein that I’ve seen anywhere.

Benefits of a Higher Protein Diet

If you aren’t using a high quality whey protein already, then get started today. Your health depends on it! I always choose the whey protein that is no carbs and no fats. I prefer the high quality ones like; Jay Robb Whey Protein, which can be found online or at any online of actual “The Vitamin Shoppe” store front. Choosing the “high quality” whey proteins will ensure that your body is getting what it needs instead of some cheap imitation that may not help at all.

I prefer either the Jay Robb Chocolate Whey Protein, or the Vanilla. They are all high quality and tremendously delicious taste, but these 2 are my favorites. Since I am a chocoholic, I like the chocolate flavor the best…lol.

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**Just remember the benefits of a higher protein diet and what I have just shared with you and how important high quality whey protein is to your body and overall health. Preventative maintenance (high quality whey protein) sometimes cost a little more money, but in the long run it is so worth the extra cost to keep all the bad stuff away from our body’s.

Check out this video << and website for more detailed information on whey protein and other great research.

Stay fit and healthy,

-Mike Pilcher

Benefits of a Higher Protein Diet

P.S. Leave your comments below as always. If you know of a high quality whey protein that I haven’t mentioned, then feel free to leave that in the comment section below and I will check it out. 🙂