Whey Protein – The Best One For You

whey protein

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Whey Protein – the best one for you is always a question for all those wanting to try whey protein, or search about it.

So which whey protein is right for you?

Great question!

The answer is really about what you are wanting in your diet, or maybe it’s weight loss, or maybe you are just wanting to stay healthy and live longer and you know that having higher protein levels and using a good high quality protein will deliver those results your after.

Have you ever had a real high quality protein shake made from really good protein powder? Do you have any idea how good they taste and how good they are for you? Do you have any idea how to pick a good high quality protein?

whey protein

Here is the whey protein I always choose:

  • It must be proven effective
  • It must be backed by a big reputable company
  • It must be zero or very low carbohydrates
  • It must be fat free
  • It MUST NOT contain aspartame
  • It must be lactose free
  • It MUST be gluten free
  • It must be all natural
  • It MUST be outrageously delicious
  • It must be 100% whey isolate
  • It must be rBGH free
  • It must be sugar free
  • It must contain a minimum of 25 grams protein per scoop
  • It must be reasonably priced
  • It must be something that is readily available in stores as well as online

I know that is a lot of must Be’s, but that is just what I must have in order to reach the goals that I personally have set for myself. I don’t mind stevia in my protein, however I will NOT allow aspartame to be in anything that goes into my body. I never just buy a whey protein for the sake of having and using it. I have tried and tested so many whey protein powders over the years and have yet to find anything that will come close to the one I am using now, and actually for over a year now.

What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Whey Protein?

  • Whey protein is a naturally gluten-free source of protein.
  • Whey protein is a complete protein, containing all of the essential and non-essential amino acids required by the human body.
  • Whey protein can be used for preparing gluten-free recipes, as well as helping with weight loss.
  • Whey protein is bland in flavor, making it easy to incorporate into many recipes.
  • Whey protein is perfect for fueling the body before and after intense workouts and runs.
  • Whey protein is also perfect right before bed to help build back the muscles that have been torn down during workouts.
  • Whey protein has been proven to help prevent prostate cancer in men. More information here <<
  • Whey protein has been proven to help prevent breast cancer in women. More information here <<
  • Whey protein can be used in making high quality protein shakes for early morning and mid day snacks/meals.
  • Whey protein will BOOST energy levels for workouts and other strenuous work.

Just by adding a “high quality” whey protein to your daily diet can not only help build fat burning muscle and make you feel much better, and have way more endurance. This same protein can also help prevent cancers and other diseases from taking place in your body. We must take care of our body, because it’s the only place we have to live!

whey protein

After researching for weeks at a time and finding article after article of the things that whey protein helps prevent and even cure, such as cancers and other diseases, I immediately started looking at whey protein much differently.

Seeing real proof of how whey protein prevents prostrate cancer in men, and how it also prevents breast cancer in women…I mean WOW! Things like this is a huge deal for me. I know what it’s done for me and what it continues to do, so heck yes I am going to share this information and findings with others. Of course there will ALWAYS be people that thinks this is all BS and whey protein will do nothing for them. That is fine, it’s their life they are gambling with, not mine.

The use of whey protein as well as soy blended together help promote muscle growth and repair. This blog post – article is just a small portion of the benefits of using a high quality protein with your daily diet.

You Are Probably Wondering What Is Amino Acid?

Amino acid is the smallest molecular component that makes up proteins. Amino acids are made up of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. In addition to these atoms, some amino acids (methionine and cysteine) also contain sulfur. There are twenty primary amino acids that are found in proteins.

Amino acids have many benefits including:

  • Build and repair muscles and bones
  • Repair of body cells
  • Provide a source of energy
  • Regulate various processes in the body related to metabolism

Of course the quality of protein varies. Real high quality, complete protein sources include animal-based proteins. These proteins contain all eight essential amino acids the body needs to build and maintain muscle and to function well. Protein found in most plant foods is considered incomplete protein because it lacks some of the essential amino acids needed daily.

whey protein

Here is a comparison chart << that you may be helpful to you. You can also see more benefits of a higher protein diet as well as whey protein for cancer here <<.
Here is the exact protein powder I am using << and can be purchased at “The Vitamin Shoppe” in stores as well as online. I recommend going to the online store here and registering for their newsletter. This will allow you to receive coupons and discounts for your purchases in stores or online. Sometimes these discounts are up to 30% off regular price. 🙂

whey protein

This Jay Robb protein will be the BEST you’ve ever had…guaranteed!

Stay fit and healthy,

-Mike Pilcher

whey protein