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Build your own brand using a blog is vital for your success and or the success of your business.

Build your own brand using a blog is something that most people have no clue about, or they don’t realize how important it is for them and their business. Neglecting to use a blog to build your brand or the brand of your business is kind of like failing to put oil in your cars engine, but expecting it to run forever.

Let me also add a quick note to self. Never use the free blogs is you ever plan to brand your self the right way, and especially as a business. If you ever plan to make money with your blog, then DO NOT use the free ones! They can be yanked down from under you after all the work you have put in them without notice. Serious business people and buyers know that the real serious businesses have their own Self Hosted blogs like and not the free ones.

Use a blog to help build a business faster, bigger, stronger, and way more profitable. Many people start using a blog, but stop after 3 or 4 post, or maybe after 10 post and then they give up because they say their blog isn’t working, or making money. Really? Think about that statement! Do you go to a job and work for a few days and then decide it isn’t making you money?

Below you will see how to get your very own blog customized and making money for you, or for your business. Blogs is what has been responsible for a good amount of the income in my businesses. Blogging is something that will gain you and or your business a great deal of exposure if it is done right. In this free eBook << you will see exactly how to go from start to finish…no matter what your skill level may be!

Ever heard of giving something a chance?

Let me explain. If I would have kept the same old attitude that I use to have, then I would have gave up on my blog within the first few months after not seeing immediate results. Now looking back (using my tracking system) the very next month after I was ready to stop blogging I made my first sale through my blog. Then I had a few months of slowness, and then came a $1000 sale through my blog, then came a $3000 sale, and the leads and sales just keep coming in with my simple little blogs.

The point is; I am so glad that I didn’t give up on my blog when it wasn’t doing anything, or at least I didn’t think it was… until I looked at my blog tracking. Some people don’t even track their sites, or blogs, which is just silly not to track your stuff. Without tracking, you have no clue as to what is going on with your sites, or with your blogs.

Build your own brand using a blog:

Building your brand and the brand of your business, or a business that you are considering is something that takes some time, but in the end is very rewarding. A brand allows the public eye to see who you are and what you are about. It also adds trust to your potential clients. People search for what they want using search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Whether or not they find you is up to you!

Build your own brand using a blog is something that you can do by getting your free copy of my eBook below. This eBook will share in detail, step by step how to build your own WordPress Blog and how to get that blog on the first page of the search engines quickly so that you can be seen by the world. This eBook will also share the steps needed to make money with your blog so that you can have multiple income streams that are residual and come in to your bank account while you sleep, vacation, or work your other business.

Get you’re WordPress Blog set up today are start earning the extra cash that you are needing. Blogging is the “hot thing” nowadays, and without a blog to help support your business, you are a boat without oars. I was so against building blog several years ago, but I would have never got my business to where it is without it, and I especially would not be making thousands upon thousands with my blog if I wouldn’t have learned how to open up my mind to new ideas and strategies.

Get your free eBook here << for learning how to set up your own WordPress Blog and make money with it as soon as possible. Download here <<

Learn all about the HOT Blogger Builder that literally does all of the work for you. It builds your entire blog platform so that you don’t have to try and figure it all out. All you have to do is click your computer mouse a few times while watching the step by step video and then start posting and making money…

How To Build your own blog


-Mike Pilcher

Build your own brand using a blog