Maintaining My Happy Weight

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Maintaining My Happy Weight:

Maintaining My Happy Weight is something that I really strive for on a weekly basis. No one can stay at a certain weight day in and day out. If you are drinking lots of water on a daily basis like you should be, then your weight will fluctuate from day to day.

So why is maintaining my happy weight something that important to me, and should be to you too?

When I am maintaining my happy weight, I am not always worrying about my  weight, or feeling insecure about how I look, or how certain clothes fit, look or feel on me. I have a sense of pride about me that I don’t have when I am overweight, or have a belly hanging over my belt. I don’t struggle to bend over and tie my shoes, don’t run out of breath like I would if I was overweight, and I have way more energy.

Maintaining my happy weight is something that I make a goal of mine just as you should yours too. Make sure that at least once a week you are at your happy weight when you climb on the bathroom scales. I personally like to do the same thing over and over…called a habit. In other words, I will weight in the morning when I first get out of bed, usually twice or three times weekly before I have drank anything, or ate anything. This is usually when you will be your lightest for the day.

I personally like to weight myself with nothing on, or with just underwear. Clothes will vary in weight, but if you weight with nothing on, then you can factor out the variation of the clothing. Make sense?

Maintaining my happy weight isn’t that hard if I just discipline myself to doing my consistent workouts 3 times weekly and keep it between 15 to 30 minutes per workout. For me, those workouts are short duration and high intensity. What does that mean? It means that I am doing less time (15-30 minutes per workout) and I am doing it with little to no rest. In other words, I am doing everything with high intensity and not taking breaks, texting people, checking Facebook, watching TV, or any of those distracting things that kills your workouts and being able to reach or maintain your goals.

It may sound easy, or foolish to you, but trust me, most people that struggle to lose weight, or “maintaining my happy weight” (their happy weight), are the ones that are texting, chatting on Facebook, or doing something beside focusing on their workout. It is no wonder they are having trouble losing weight, or getting into shape, or maintaining their happy weight.

maintaining my happy weight

So don’t freak out when you get on the scales and you aren’t where you want to be. You are either lacking some discipline in your workout schedule, or lacking a workout schedule, maybe its your eating habits, or it could be water weight if you are off by a few pounds. Don’t worry about the day to day weights. Only strive for one good weight a week. We all have extra water weight and it will always show up on the scales if you are weighing each and every day.

How do I maintaining my happy weight from week to week?

  1. Watch what I eat
  2. I use MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone to keep track of everything I eat, drink and record all workouts
  3. I workout 3 times weekly for 15-30 minutes per workout
  4. I do high intensity, low duration workouts (no rest and no nonsense workouts)
  5. I drink close to a gallon of filtered water per day
  6. I use whey protein in my daily diet (keeping my protein level higher than carbs and fats)
  7. I take a good multi vitamin daily
  8. I don’t make excuses
  9. Have fun with it
  10. Measure my results weekly as well as weigh once or twice weekly to stay on track

Sometimes the little things is what hangs us up. Focus on the big things and not the little things. Most people make excuses why they can’t eat better, or why they can’t workout, or why they can’t lose weight. They might say things like; I am big boned, or heaviness runs in my family, or I just don’t have time to workout, or I could workout but I would still not lose weight. These are just lies that people tell themselves and actually convince themselves of and never get anywhere with anything they do.

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It all starts with a decision to do it and then take some stinkin action. Excuses are reasons for failure!

Stay fit and healthy,

-Mike Pilcher

maintaining my happy weight