Simple Workout Schedule That Works For Anyone

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Simple Workout Schedule

Here is a Simple Workout Schedule that works for anyone wanting to get in the best shape of their life…and not have to workout everyday for 1-3 hours per day.

People will make excuses all day long for being fat and out of shape. They will just keep saying things like; I just don’t have time to workout, or I am to busy, or I work to much and am tired when I get home, or I will do it next month, or maybe next year I will have more time. These are all excuses that will never get a person off the couch and into a smaller dress size, or a smaller pants size.

Why be mad at yourself when you look in the mirror everyday when you can follow a simple workout schedule like the one below and see very quick and lasting results. Why not accept the fact that getting into the best shape of your life will take some up front work, but that work will get the results that you have been dreaming of for years, and results that will be so easy to maintain once you get to that desired look and weight that you want.

Simple Workout Schedule that works for everyone that is willing to invest just 15-30 per workout and only 3 times weekly. I prefer Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This allows me to take the entire weekend off and start back in the following Monday. Once and awhile I will change it up a little to shock my body and get better results if needed, or desired. Maybe a Monday, Wed, Friday and Sat workout, then the next week Tuesday, Thurs, and Sat. Then the next week I will go right back to the usual Monday, Wed, and Friday workouts. Or, just keep it to Monday, Wed and Friday and stick with that. Either way you will get the results that you desire…IF YOU STICK WITH IT!

Simple Workout Schedule

Simple Workout Schedule That Gets Results:

  1. Stretch and get lose for 5-10 minutes (this is not part of your 30 min timed workout). You can do wall stretches, over the head arm extensions, arm swirls, and anything else to get loose. Use light resistance bands for #1 thru #4!
  2. Grab your resistance bands and start doing bicep curls as fast as you can for 20 reps. (This is performed by standing on the resistance bands while pushing upwards, or pulling upwards with the handles to perform the exercises).
  3. Do 20 reps fast of triceps extensions. (This is performed by standing on the resistance bands, and pushing upwards, keeping your elbows in close, and doing triceps extensions).
  4. Do 20 reps fast of push up extensions in the stand up position from chest to over your head with your resistance bands. Doing the above fast for 20 reps each will really get you warmed up and lose. Use a light weight band for these exercises. (This is performed by standing on the resistance bands and pushing upwards from about the chest area to over your head and then do again…like a chest press).
  5. Now grab your chairs ( 2 chairs) to do rear bench dips off of and do 20 reps (or as many as you can) of rear bench dips fast to warm up your triceps. (This is performed by using one chair to put your hands on with the chair behind you, and the other chair in front of you to place your feet on and then do a rear sit up type exercise…dipping downward toward the floor). [See Pictures Below for these exercises].
  6. Using a door block for your resistance bands, perform 10-15 reps of triceps extensions with your resistance bands. (This is a block of wood with a strap that goes inside of the hinged side of the door, then close the door for performing these exercises).
  7. Using the same door block, perform Chest press using your resistance bands (10-15 reps).
  8. Now go to your doorway pull up bar and do 10-15 leg up to waist pull ups. This is in the hanging position and ONLY pull your legs up to your waist. This exercise works the abs upper and lower region.
  9. Without must rest, get a quick drink of water and do 10-15 push ups on the floor.
  10. Now start the above workout all over again and increase the bands so that the exercise will be harder. (Use heavier bands, or double them up like I do).
  11. Do each of the above workouts without as little rest in between as possible. This will also give you a very good cardio workout.
  12. Each round of these workouts should be with more bands added so that you cannot do over 12 reps on each exercise. Do increased resistance (more weight/resistance) and lower reps…(8-12).
  13. Perform the above workout for at least 3 rounds, and possibly 4 if you can. Try to stay inside of the 30 minute workout window.
  14. In the beginning this will more than likely be somewhat difficult for you, but trust me, it gets easier the second week. Do this 30 minute workout 3 times per week and that is it.

This is a High Intensity, Low Duration workout that will really deliver the results if you commit to it and stick with it. High Intensity means; go hard with little to no rest in between exercises and sets. Low Duration means; a low time period…like 15-30 minutes 3 times weekly. You will do 3-4 sets of each exercise above for 7-12 reps and without taking breaks or rest.

In the beginning you will have to take rest breaks. Keep these rest breaks short and each new day of working out, make sure you take less rest than the time before. This will allow your body to adjust and build up to what one day will be no rest at all and feel more like a warm up. From there you can add more weight, more resistance and make more gains.

Remember: This Simple Workout Schedule is designed to give you results and make your dreams and goals come true faster than you ever thought possible. You have to start somewhere and tomorrow will never be good enough. Start today and stop the excuses now, so that you can reach your goals even faster.

You can also do simple resistance bands workouts like shown below. Just doing something at least 3 times weekly with only 15-30 minutes of your committed time will deliver the results you are wanting.

Simple Workout Schedule

Simple Workout Schedule

Simple Workout Schedule

Working out and staying healthy has become a way of life for me and it is something that I will always do consistently and faithfully. I refuse to be like generations before me. I refuse to allow all of the overweight, fat, and health issues enter my body, or my mind. We can control everything that goes on outside as well as inside our minds and body’s, by simply making better choices, using better words and thought process, and choosing better association.

Everyone can get sick once and awhile, but by limiting what we speak and allow into our body’s and minds will limit how we feel and perform daily. By working out, by choosing to take the best multi vitamins and supplements possible, as well as learning to speak and think about only positive things will help eliminate the chance of sickness, diseases, and overweight that can lead to other health issues, such as heart attacks, etc.

To many people this will go over their heads and they will refuse to believe it. Many think that guarding their minds, their thoughts and their words is all a bunch of BS. I use to be one of those lost, negative thinkers myself. However, once I got around positive, uplifting people who had dreams and goals, is when I started learning a better way, an easier way through this journey we call life.

So how can a Simple Workout Schedule help with everything just mentioned?

It’s very simple! A Simple Workout Schedule will allow you to start feeling better for one, and also feeling better about yourself. I am telling you that those that workout on a consistent basis always feel better and feel better about themselves. This allows the body and mind to work together and just like a smooth running sowing machine, your body will start to function better as well as your mind. Our minds can and will play tricks on us if we allow it to, and sometimes the negative, “poor me” mentality, or thoughts creep in a start saying things like; you can’t do it, or you don’t have time, or I’m to busy, or you are just overweight and that’s the way it is, so accept it. Our minds might say things like; I am big boned and my family was overweight and that is just the way I will always be too.

Do you know that these are mind excuses that the enemy uses against us? Yes, the enemy! This comes from allowing our poor association, the news, the idiot box (TV), maybe negative family or co-workers to program us with. Excuses are for people who don’t want it bad enough!

Simple Workout Schedule

There is a better way!

Getting yourself involved with a Simple Workout Schedule and then STICK WITH IT. Only you can control what goes on inside and what goes on outside. Only you controls what you see when you look in the mirror. Only you controls how you feel, look and speak. Only you controls the people you hang out with and the choices you continue to make.

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Simple Workout Schedule

Do something different than the crowd, and get totally different results than the crowd gets.

Always do your best,

-Mike Pilcher

Simple Workout Schedule

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How do I mix the products above and pictured below?

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This page will not only provide you with a Simple Workout Schedule, but also with the perfect vitamins and supplements needed to maintain a healthy and complete life full of energy and wellness. I am not guaranteeing you that any of these products will cure or treat cancers or other diseases, or help you lose weight and or get in shape. However, I am suggesting that by using these products listed above, it will help prevent cancers and other diseases, as they have been proven in many different testings around the world.

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Simple Workout Schedule

By using these products and the Simple Workout Schedule above, I am able to stay in tremendous shape and health. One I lost the weight and fat that I wanted to lose, maintaining it is now very simple. This may seem like a lot to you, but when you are talking about your overall health and fitness, it is nothing. My health and wellness means everything to me, so I will do whatever it takes to maintain that so that I can live a long healthy, happy life. 🙂

**Leave your comments below and let me know if you would like me to do videos of these workouts for you so that you can see them done to better understand them.